10 January 2015

17ish weeks

This morning's visit with my midwife was fairly non-newsworthy, thank goodness! Matt and Little Bear both came with me, Matt so he could meet the midwife at least once before delivery and Little Bear because he always comes. I really like how fond of children everyone I've encountered at this practice is—you'd think that would be a given in an OB practice, but it seems that's not always the case from stories I've heard from friends. Everyone at this practice has always been so happy to see Little Bear with me, though.

My midwife had a med student with her today, and we saw the student first. She was very nice, very knowledgeable, and despite giving me a heads-up that she wasn't always very good at finding the baby's heartbeat she found it right away. It is always so reassuring to hear that heartbeat! She encouraged me to look into prenatal massage to help relieve my sciatic pain, a suggestion my midwife strongly seconded along with seeing a chiropractor trained in working with expectant mothers.

Matt liked the midwife and thought she seemed like a good fit for us, which makes me feel better. And they faxed over the referral for the anatomical ultrasound, so I should be getting a call on Monday to set that up. I'm so excited to see the baby again! Hopefully they have times available on Saturdays or after 5, so Matt can come with us.

I'm still not exactly sure how far along they say that I am, but hopefully the ultrasound will give us a final estimated due date? I know when I think I am, counting from ovulation, and when they think I am according to the little cardboard circle of doom (coughrhythmmethodcough), but I think they decided to go with the in-between date that my first ultrasound gave and I can't remember what that was! So, not that I actually believe that Kit is going to be born on this theoretical due date, but it'll be nice to at least know when it is.

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