26 January 2015

Welcome to winter

It's only natural that the first -30 F day of the winter, -40 in town (yay for a functioning inversion again!), would be the day that our washing machine loses water, and the day that the only set of twin-sized flannel sheets we own needs to be washed.

Matt and our landlord are still trying to figure out why the washing machine can't get any water; the washer and dryer are up against the wall of the always-cold garage, so I initially assumed that the water line had frozen. It's -30, after all. But they were fairly sure there was only one water line coming into our half of the building at all, and our kitchen and bathroom have water, so that doesn't make sense.

Yet another reason it's wonderful to be 10 minutes from my parents' house: I sorted out the most important things to wash—definitely including the flannel sheets—and ran a load at Mom's house this afternoon. We wound up making a slightly ridiculous number of trips to her house and town today: starting the laundry, picking Matt up and going in for an appointment, taking Matt back to work and finishing the laundry, back to town to see the chiropractor, back to pick Matt up, picking Little Bear up from Grandma's where he'd stayed to avoid spending extra time out in the cold... so much running! I'll be happy to spend tomorrow quietly at home, although I suspect Little Bear will be disappointed to not have aunts and uncles around to play with him.

The landlord just popped back in after checking out the utility room downstairs. All of the accessible pipes, there and in the garage, are room temperature. There's no sign of any leaks or burst pipes anywhere. All of the water sources in the downstairs apartment work fine. Our washer was hooked up properly; there was no water pressure when they unhooked it tonight, so it's clearly not a problem with the washer itself. No one has changed any settings or turned any valves anywhere that we're aware of. It makes no sense.

I'm grateful tonight that we're renting, and that we have an attentive landlord. It's so nice to be able to say, "I have no idea what's wrong, but I know I can trust that he's going to get it figured out as quickly as possible," whether that means him and Matt doing it themselves or him calling in a professional. And that we aren't going to suddenly be hit with a huge repair bill, as I'm already trying to rework and tighten up our budget. It can be frustrating, paying rent every month and feeling like the money is just being thrown away instead of going toward a mortgage on a house that we'll eventually have paid off, but this has been a good reminder of the benefits that come with renting, like not having to pay unexpected home repair bills.

Temperatures are supposed to slowly climb this week, possibly becoming positive by Saturday, but the forecast has changed three times today so I don't really think I'm going to trust any predictions that far out. Given the "everything else works and this makes no sense" conclusion that they reached tonight, it's seeming less likely that the cold is to blame for the washing machine trouble, but who knows? Maybe warming weather will fix it if nothing else they've tried does. Hopefully the washer is running one way or the other by the end of the week! At least I only run laundry on Mondays and Thursdays, so it's not like the down time will throw off my entire week; I did have a second load worth to wash today, but there's nothing we can't live without for a few days.

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