15 January 2015

Daily dose of adventure

Our car is in the shop today, because the driver's seatbelt won't buckle. Little Bear and I took it in right after dropping Matt off at work. Checking in at the shop, I remembered that our landlord just changed the core on our front door's deadbolt, and I didn't have the new key—he only gave us one, and it's sitting on a shelf just inside the door waiting for me to get a duplicate made. I had time to grab our garage door opener from the visor before their courtesy shuttle arrived to bring us home, so I figured we were fine.

After the shuttle dropped us off I set Little Bear and his car seat on the front porch, walked over to the garage with the door opener, and pushed the button. And pushed it again. And again. Close to the door, halfway up the driveway, it didn't work. The light isn't on, so I'm assuming the battery died.

With Little Bear watching and worrying ("Oh no, Mama going to fall!"), I climbed up and over the two-log-wide, five-foot-tall woodpile on the deck and ran around to try the old key in the deck door. Thank goodness it worked!

"Buy new batteries" and "copy key" are definitely on this afternoon's list now!

Of all the days to get ourselves locked out, though, we sure picked a good one: it's incredibly, unseasonably warm out. I think it was 30 when we got home, and it's still pushing freezing now. I had to remind Matt to grab a coat this morning, because it hardly feels like winter.

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