25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Christ is born! Glorify him!

So grateful to have had a peaceful, joyful celebration as a family today! I enjoyed a quiet hour to myself early this morning before Matt and Little Bear woke up (probably my last quiet Christmas morning for many years!), and we attended morning mass together before swinging by my parents' house for dinner. I'm still fighting off the flu, and got progressively more dizzy and faint as time went on, so we headed home and skyped Matt's family quick before LB and I went down for a good long nap.

Exchanging gifts with/around a baby was exciting; there wasn't much, but he certainly didn't care--his favorite part by far was tearing (and trying to eat) the paper! He also got to sit in his high chair and play with real food for the first time today: I didn't expect any of the mashed peas to actually make it into his mouth, so I wasn't disappointed, but he had great fun throwing the spoon on the floor. Bath time, which is always necessary after the daily medicine taking-and-throwing-up, was made much more fun by the rubber ducky from his grandma, too. Hopeful he will sleep well tonight--he was tired out by so much excitement.

Oh, one thing more: I keep promising folks pictures, so here you go: a genuine Alaskan Christmas tree! They aren't "sparse;" they have an extra dimension to decorate. :-)

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