17 December 2012

Murphy's Laws of Monday

You can't take the baby to the doctor just once.

It's seborrhea.

No, it's ringworm.

No, it's seborrhea.

We don't know. Come back on Friday.

The baby will only throw up at the times calculated to make mom craziest.

Four weeks running now, Little Bear has thrown up like clockwork: Monday and Thursday midday, while the last (planned) load of laundry is in the washing machine. There's something to be said for predictability, I suppose, but I'm in my third shirt of the day and it's not even 1pm.

The less convenient a nap is for mom, the more easily baby will fall asleep.

House to clean, laundry to fold, dinner to prepare, stockings to sew and tree to decorate? Definitely time to nap in mom's arms. Finished with chores and ready to fall into bed? Playtime. For at least two hours.

Bonus: Did you know that it's possible for a box of laundry soap to fall over in such a way as to spill its entire contents at once? The carpet in front of our washer and drier is nice and clean now.

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