12 December 2012

Winter Wonder

Such inconsistent weather we are having this month! December started out wretchedly cold, but this past weekend it was a pleasant 9 degrees above zero. Our cold, clear skies finally clouded over early this week, and snow began falling steadily yesterday. Today, the thermometer has shot up to a balmy 21 degrees, and the snow is still falling--we have gotten nearly 10 inches already, the roads are a tad treacherous, and those children not old enough to shovel are beside themselves. Tomorrow should be the last day we see positive temperatures for a while, the meteorologists say, and by Sunday it could be -45 again.

We will take the beautiful weather while it lasts! Matt just moved to an office in a new building on campus, and remarked this evening that if it stayed like this all winter, he would really enjoy the half-mile walk to and from the parking lot each day. (Don't worry about him walking in the cold; the university has a system of shuttle busses.) Little Bear came out to check the mail with me today because it was so warm, and he stared and stared--everything looks so different than it did the last time I took him for a walk! He didn't know what to make of the cold, white, soft things falling all over us, either. By the time we got back into the house, he had accumulated a good half-centimeter on top of his hat!

It was such a joy to watch him watch, wonderingly, as the snowflakes piled up on his snowsuit and my coat. What is this pretty white stuff, Mommy, and why is my nose getting cold? The wonderment of children is so beautiful, especially as we are preparing for Christmas: watching Little Bear wonder at the snow, I was reminded of the wonder with which we all approach the manger. What child is this? What does this mean to my life?

I hope that, before it gets too cold again, we have a few more chances to share the joy of wonder with Little Bear in the beautiful, snowy winterland outside!

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  1. That wintery experience is something I've always regretted I couldn't give my children. When we got snow this year, I had to explain snow all over to Andrew because we only got one fall last year.