29 December 2012

Seven Quick Takes, Vol. 13

Late again... (I said I'd be using that this week, didn't I?)

Little Bear has been going through clothes ridiculously fast of late; he was in his third outfit of the day by 8 this morning. I think that's a bit excessive; we tried to tell him that only little girls change outfits that often, and he just smiled and messed his diaper again.

I cannot wait for him to be off of these antibiotics! Hopefully we will go back to single-outfit days after he stops taking them. We started a probiotic a couple of days ago to try to help it, but so far there definitely hasn't been any improvement.

Little Bear is sure happy about the probiotic, though; it's a powder, so it has to be mixed into a food for him to eat it. That means I can't give him smushed-up peas: they are too thick to mix in the powder. I had to go buy baby oatmeal, which I'd said I wasn't going to do because it seemed silly to give him pretend, just-add-water food instead of real, mashed-up food. And to my chagrin, he loves it. I'd never have imagined it, but powdered oatmeal is wildly popular, even more so than applesauce--he can't get enough of it!

Everyone says that infants become constipated when they are first introduced to cereal. Falsehoods. The oatmeal hasn't been any more help than the probiotic at making his messes less... messy.

Thanks to Little Bear, and Christmas, and moose hunting, I washed five loads if laundry yesterday. Five! And there is another half-load accumulated already since yesterday evening. In the interest of conserving water and electricity I only do laundry twice a week, and on a typical laundry day I have one or two loads. Darn antibiotics.

One non-baby-related take: Matt went out looking for moose with my father and brother on Thursday, and they got one! It sounds like the hunt went very well: warm (above 0) weather, no mechanical problems, they got the moose at 10:30am so they had good light for the cleaning and bringing it back out to the road. Winter hunts are so much more convenient than fall hunts; the quarters freeze solid, so there isn't as much of a hurry to get everything processed right away. We'll still try to have everything cut up fairly soon, but if it stretches over a week or two, we don't have to worry about the meat going bad. I'm looking forward to having good meat in the freezer again! Beef is so expensive, and I prefer the taste of moose anyway.

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