30 January 2013

Getting So Big!

It is hard to believe that Little Bear has been with us nearly seven months... and then I look at him, and I can't believe that he's changed this much in only seven months! He looks like a little boy now, not like a baby, especially since getting his hair cut Monday. And he's all boy: In my experience, when a little girl falls over, it is a *big deal* and she is *very distraught* and everyone needs to give her *lots of comforting* to make everything better. (Maybe my littlest sisters were just drama queens, but really.) Little Bear falls over, yells for a minute because how dare the floor jump up and get him, and then everything is fine and he goes back to hitting things with his current favorite kitchen utensil. Today we visited the clinic for vaccinations; he yelled when the nurse gave him the shots, and as soon as she handed him back to me, everything was fine.

We love you, big guy.

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