02 May 2013

Pretending that Summer is Coming

Matt has joined the ranks of people theorizing that those two 40 degree weeks we got a while back were actually our summer, and now we are moving right along back into winter. I don't want to join them, but it would sure help if the snow would ever stop falling...

In protest of the idea of no summer, and in defiance of the disgusting cloud guts that are still spewing down everywhere, I made iced tea this morning. And then I put a sweater on so I could drink it.

Doesn't anyone have some nice weather they could send our way?


  1. I've been known to drink hot chocolate in August. I don't live in Alaska, so I can still romanticize winter. :)

    Also, we have the air conditioning on here. You can feel free to borrow some of our heat. I hate it when it's all stuffy and oppressive.

  2. I will most likely be romanticizing winter by August as well... Hot weather makes me long for snow, hot cocoa, and feather blankets!

  3. *groan* I wish we did! We just had a foot a snow! Fortunately, we are further south than you and it is now pouring rain, getting into the fifties and so the snow is disappearing, though not as quickly as I want it to.
    We protested this excessive winter weather, but it was back in March. The day before the official start of spring, it was snowing (of course!) and cold so my brothers and I decorated the living room to look like spring. We printed off lots of pictures of flowers we found on the internet, made a string of them to drape over the window, and taped the rest to the walls and TV cabinet. We made a tree out of paper and taped that to our deck door (which opens off the living room), put sun rays all around the light in the ceiling, made paper grass to decorate the bottom of the TV cabinet, put all my fake flowers on the floor and spread out a picnic blanket. We had a picnic dinner while watching The Hobbit when my mom came home from work that evening. The living room is currently my favorite room in the house.

  4. I'll send some of our 70s weather up to you! That should take care of the snow!