05 May 2013

What I Wore Sunday {13}

Happy Pascha to all of my Orthodox friends today! Christ is Risen!

Such beautiful sunshine we are having today! It almost makes up for the foot of snow still blanketing the yard... which is finally melting, thankfully, but can't be gone quickly enough! We are getting close to 18 hours of sun, and with the snow everywhere reflecting the light, looking out the window can be painful.

Our pastor's homily was wonderful! He talked about the Council of Jerusalem, expounded on other key councils and how we see their fruits today, and pointed out that many of the problems in the Church today are partially caused by the failure on the part of many adult Catholics to put effort into actually learning and understanding the teachings that have been passed down to us. He pointed to the hullabaloo in the media and even among some Catholics back in February and March over whether the next pope would "finally change X," saying that that mindset showed a lack of understanding of the role of the Holy Spirit in guiding the Church, and of Truth. It was so good to hear a clear, unashamedly Catholic explanation of why the Church will never say that evils like contraception are okay.

On a different note, this morning we learned that wearing heels while wrangling a 10-month-old solo requires a more adventurous mama than I am on paltry sleep. Little Bear was very sure that it was time to get up at 6am, and Matt hadn't had much sleep at all, so baby and I got up and took ourselves to early mass to give Daddy a quiet house to sleep in. The church was unusually full, with many people (adults) sitting in both cry rooms. I know it would have been hot and squished for those who arrived late to try to sit in the pews, and I'm sure there are adults with legitimate reasons for needing to sit not with the rest of the congregation, so I try not to be frustrated. It's hard, though, when your little one is fussing and squirming and folks in the pews are giving you dirty looks, and adults have filled the room where you ought to be able to take the kid... we wound up spending most of mass on the muddy steps in the vestibule, with my attention largely focused on keeping Little Bear from eating dirt, because there was simply nowhere else to go. Should we have just gone home?

Anyway. I liked today's outfit, and am so disappointed that I couldn't get a good photo because my photographer was sleeping! My necklace, which unfortunately is mostly hidden, is a series of black chain loops punctuated by black Swarovski crystals, and was a gift to go with my dress for prom years ago.

Shirt: thrifted
Skirt: thrifted (original tags still on; Walmart brand)
Necklace: gift
Nylons: Blueberry Baby (maternity boutique)
Shoes: thrifted (not pictured - black wedge Mary Janes)

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  1. Very cute outfit! Sorry mass was rough with your little one. Been there, done that, wish I didn't have the t-shirt! :)

  2. You look lovely. Classic black/khaki combo with a touch of bling. sweet! I hope next weeks Mass goes a little better for you and your little one. Hang in there Mama!

  3. I love that look on you! So flattering, classy, and sophisticated. :)

  4. I love finding new-with-tags thrift finds! That skirt looks like it would be so versatile!