31 May 2013

Seven Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 33

How do you people live in hot places??? (i.e. hotter than 65F)  And don't say "air conditioning," because that's not an option here and I'm being a wimp and whining about the heat today, and I don't want to hear about magical cold-air machines that don't exist in my state. But really, 85 degrees? How do your brains not melt and run out of your ears? We, well, the baby and I have been dying of sunshine all week; even keeping all the lights off and staying in our darkish basement apartment doesn't really make it bearable. And what do you wear? I don't think I could be a functional human being anywhere that it stayed this hot or hotter all summer... Matt doesn't exactly understand, possibly because he grew up in Pennsylvania, or possibly because he is already too miserable from the clouds of birch pollen floating around. He does agree that it's hot, though... while comparing his wife's reaction to that of a beached jellyfish. :-)

I have no idea what we are eating for dinner tonight, because anything that requires turning on the stove or oven isn't happening, and anything that requires me to stand outside in the hot hot hot hot hot sunshine at the hot hot hot hot hot grill isn't happening either. And we are out of lettuce, so salad isn't an option. PB&J sandwiches? Maybe just ice cream.

I should add that, despite not understanding my heat-induced abject misery, my husband has been very kind and just has not expected too much of me as I've been hiding in the freezer this past week.

Matt was also good enough to take yesterday afternoon off work to bring me to the hospital for my MRI, and entertain the baby in the waiting room for the two hours I was in. Little Bear did pretty well, from what I hear, only getting fussy in the last fifteen minutes. My MRI went fine, I guess... I didn't expect everything to take so long, definitely didn't expect to have a three-inch-long needle stuck into me (delivering the contrast medium), but it wasn't a terrible experience. I didn't time it, but I was in the MRI machine itself for the length of one divine mercy chaplet, one rosary, and a litany of every saint I could think of... which was a lot of them. Hopefully we will have the results early next week, and it will be something easy to fix.

Is almost 11 months too young to try to give Little Bear a buzz cut? These curls have to go--he gets so hot when he naps, and people keep telling me how beautiful my little girl is. He strongly dislikes machines that make loud noises: blender, stand mixer, hair dryer... he has started chasing the vacuum, though, so maybe he's getting over it? I don't want to traumatize him by using the clippers on his hair, but I also don't want to try to get it short with scissors and wind up looking like I took a weed whacker to it...

So the plumber finally came Tuesday afternoon to look at the water coming through our ceiling (which started Friday evening), and it turned out that there was no leaking or cracked pipe after all: the seals (I think? some kind of seal or collar) of the toilets in the apartment above us had been installed incorrectly. Fortunately it was clean water coming through! The plumber fixed both of them on Tuesday, and came back Wednesday to replace the one in our bathroom just in case. We haven't seen the watermarks on the ceiling tiles spread at all since then, so hopefully that is resolved!

Remember when I picked up a copy of The No-Cry Sleep Solution back in, what, March? And I read the first chapter and was so happy with it? I haven't picked it up since (are we really surprised?), and now Matt is starting to leave out the word "soon" when he says things like "the baby needs to learn to sleep in his own bed soon." So I guess I will be trying to read some more of that this weekend, in between hiding in the freezer and trying to give my son a non-traumatizing haircut. I know, I know, I'm so ambitious.

Hope you have something more fun than that lined up for this weekend! In your down time, swing over to ConversionDiary.com for more quick takes. (But not while you're hiding in the freezer--the insulated walls are bad with wireless signal.)


  1. I live in Louisiana, and it was 94 degrees today. I HATE it. (Not to mention the humidity is ridiculously high). I grew up in Wisconsin, and I don't do heat. I'm a cold weather type of girl, and this has been a very difficult adjustment!

  2. I argue with my husband over the magical cold machine. (He wears heavy sweaters inside during the summer because he naturally runs about 10 degrees colder than everybody else. I think it's because he has no insulating body fat.) Other than that...I eat frozen strawberries straight out of the freezer and lay around and whine. I don't like heat either, but now I know not to move to Alaska, a land devoid of magical cold machines.

    *insert clever segue*

    My little brother got his first haircut in honor of his birthday. He apparently LIKES the clippers, though it can be a little hard to get him to sit still, because they tickle him. Babies being individual human beings at all, I can't promise that Little Bear will do the same, but it might be worth a try.