29 May 2013


Mealplanning Monday on... Wednesday? Wednesday evening? Sigh...

Monday: cookout (burgers, salad, potato salad, etc)
Tuesday: chef's salads, whole grain baguettes
Wednesday: ginger chicken vegetable stirfry, rice
Thursday: pasta salad with ham and broccoli 
Friday (Visitation BVM): halibut, baked beans, potato salad, green salad
Saturday: something vaguely texmex
Sunday (Corpus Christi): not leftovers

So I'm clearly still fuzzy about what's happening this weekend, but that can be chalked up to my not having been to the grocery store in, what, a week and a half? Trying to avoid burying this month's grocery budget any deeper... I'll have a good long list by Saturday. If anyone has advice on how they stay under (a small!!) budget on groceries each month, I'm all ears; I'm already pretty good about not buying things we don't need, and we eat a lot more canned/frozen meat and produce than fresh, but it's still a rare month that doesn't see us tipping over the limit.

But that wasn't actually the "timing" I was thinking about when I sat down to write: it was today's sleep timing by my dear, adorable, super frustrating son. Oh, the plumber will be here in a half hour? I must go to sleep. On Mama, while nursing, right next to the doorbell. Daddy just got off work? Time for a nap! On Mama, right by the squeaky door. What, Mama and Daddy say it's bedtime? Naw... it's time to crawl all over the bed giggling and clapping for an hour. An hour! While being very cute and happy and all, but really, I wanted to go to sleep. Oh my child...

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