24 May 2013

Seven Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 32

Summer is very much here, despite the odd snow patches on the north side of the house. We have had high 60s or low 70s every day this week! Gorgeous, if confusing. This is my favorite temperature range; we could go maybe ten degrees warmer, but any hotter than 85F and I am one unhappy person. Is there anywhere that never drops below -20 or gets above 85? Other than heaven, I mean. Because that would be just about perfect.

I think I've talked about my chronic joint dislocation before? It's been happening for years, got worse with pregnancy, kind of got better but not really after? Yesterday I saw an orthopedic manipulator, who was thoroughly puzzled and intrigued by the "clunk" (his description) my shoulder makes when it rotates, is concerned that I could have a widespread ligament disorder, and is sending me for an MRI next week. When the radiology receptionist called to set up my appointment, she informed me that breastfeeding mothers need to refrain from nursing their babies for 24 hours after the procedure because the contrast medium they will be injecting into my shoulder is toxic. Cue me panicking. 

Little Bear refuses to drink from bottles, I'm not good at pumping, he thinks cups are for pouring down his front, he only falls asleep while nursing, I can't do this. I spent most of the afternoon alternately worrying and trying to convince myself that we could just put the MRI off until he's weaned, and then Matt got off work and reminded me that any big medical procedures have to be done before July 1, when our insurance' fiscal year starts over and we have to start paying the (high) deductible again. So no, I couldn't put it off; we would just have to manage to get through the wretched 24 hours somehow. Last night, too stressed to sleep, I went online... and found study after study cited by the American Academy of Family Physicians, the College of Family Physicians of Canada, and the American College of Radiology’s Committee on Drugs and Contrast Media, all unequivocally stating that there is no reason for mothers to stop breastfeeding even for a few hours following the procedure. Hurrah!

Emboldened by one relief, I went back to our dear friend Google to look up studies on general anesthesia and breastfeeding, as I'm theoretically getting all four wisdom teeth out next month and the tech there also told me that we couldn't nurse for 24 hours. Surprise, surprise... All recent studies indicate that there is no medical reason to tell mothers to do this! Less than 1% of the anesthetic will be present in my milk following the procedure, and Little Bear will absorb less than 1% of that already minuscule amount from the milk when he eats. I am so glad! I was hesitantly preparing myself to tell the oral surgeon that I didn't want general anesthesia for the procedure, just so that I wouldn't have to stop nursing, but good gracious I was scared to do that!

I know that we live in a litigious society and the techs who told their receptionists to tell me I had to stop nursing were probably just trying to protect themselves and the hospital, but really? You can't stay up to date on the current medical advice on a subject that could have a serious negative impact on the lives of your patients?

Sunshine and birdsong and pollen and mosquitos... the weather outside may be delightful, but I still can't open the windows and air out the house because we don't have our screens in to keep out the bugs yet, and the trees are in full pollen production mode. Matt has to encounter enough pollen during the day that I would feel so bad for wantonly filling the apartment with it as well. We are hoping that Little Bear didn't inherit his daddy's allergies, but the two of them have been competing to be the loudest snorer recently, and I can't tell if Little Bear has a cold or is being bothered by the pollen. How do you tell with a kid? I don't have seasonal allergies, so I don't even know what symptoms to be looking for.

To all of the men and women who serve or have served in our armed forces, and to their families, thank you and God bless you for all of your sacrifices! Everyone else: in the fun of the long weekend, keep in mind the reason we observe Memorial Day, and don't forget to incorporate that into your celebrations!

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  1. How do you find medical studies via Google? I love arguing with doctors, but it's not very compelling if the only source I have to cite is Yahoo Answers.

    1. I found the statements/position papers put put by those organizations, which were heavily footnoted and had links to the source material.