11 September 2013

Playing Cinderella

Little Bear's had a rough week so far, with a lingering cough and stuffy nose that keeps waking him up and a very unpleasant trip to the doctor on Monday. Much of the time he's been fussy and clingy, and I certainly can't fault him for it, so we are doing our best to comfort him and make him happy. The times he's been happy all on his own seem few and far between just now, but they're all the more appreciated for it!

Yesterday, the highlight of his day was definitely digging carrots in my family's garden with my youngest siblings. They pulled carrots and broke the tops off, making a pile of carrots for him to drop into the five-gallon bucket. He would try to sneak handfuls of dirt into the buckets as well, laughing and laughing when they caught him. He was covered with dirt by the time the finished, but so happy.

This morning as I was contemplating skirts in my closet, Little Bear wriggled around the air purifier and into the closet and sat down on the floor, tumbling my dress shoes into a pile. He seemed content enough, so I let him stay there while I dressed. A moment later, he crawled out holding up one of my sandals. "This? This?" He set it on the floor in front of my foot. I laughed and stuck my foot in it, and he sat and looked at it for a moment, then pulled it off my foot and turned back to the closet for another one. Over the next five minutes, I probably tried on most of my shoes for the little fashion critic, who eventually became bored with the shiny shoes and crawled off down the hall to pile up all of the running shoes and boots by the front door.

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