25 September 2013

Watch & Learn

I have enough younger siblings to know that kids learn by watching and imitating others, but I'd definitely forgotten how darn cute and hilarious that can be:

- one morning while I was putting up my hair, Little Bear took my toothbrush and the (closed) tube of toothpaste off the counter and sat on the floor. He tapped the toothbrush on the toothpaste cap, stuck it in his mouth, took it out and tapped it on the cap again, and put in back in his mouth and grinned at me.

- yesterday as he was helping me unload the dishwasher, Little Bear pulled out a frying pan and set it on the floor. He took a small, round Tupperware lid and put it into the frying pan, and stirred it around and around with a spatula.

- trying to put off bedtime by making us laugh, last night he grabbed his own nose and said "honk!"

- he's enjoyed knocking over towers of blocks for a couple of months now, but just this week he's really learned how to stack blocks to make his own towers. The other evening he and I were sitting on the floor with the blocks and he started stacking them, pausing after each one to clap (and grin at me, making sure I clapped for him too!). After his towers got four or five blocks high, he started taking off the top block and putting it back on, applauding each time.

- "smell this!" doesn't mean anything to kids for a fair while; you're putting something up by my mouth, so I should eat it, right? How do you expect me to eat it with my nose? You're silly, Mama. But I think Little Bear's figured it out--the other day I smelled a nectarine to see if it was ripe yet, and he grabbed it from me and smashed it into his nose, handing it back and crinkling his nose up in a big grin before asking for it back.

- he has also learned the word "tickle"! If one of us tells Little Bear to go tickle the other, he will run over laughing and tickle us. And he fully expects to be tickled back.

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