01 September 2013


Maybe you've seen challenges like this before? I know several gals who participated in "Dressember" last December, and it sounded fun, but midwinter is just too plumb cold in Alaska for me to commit to wearing skirts every day, so I was glad to see this one pop up for September!

The Rules (from Scattered Seashells)
1.  Try to wear a skirt or a dress as many days in September as you can.
2.  Mix and match.  Get creative!  If you wear skirts often, re-mix what you have.  If you never wear skirts, maybe check out a summer clearance sale and try a few out. When you have to think outside the box, you’d be surprised at what you come up with!
4.  This is not meant to be an “all or nothing” challenge.  It’s a challenge to try something new and different.  Forget to wear a skirt one day?  Don’t worry about it!
5.  We’ll host a link-up every Monday during September where you can showcase your skirts and dresses from the week before.
6.  Link up, share the button, spread the word!

I'm usually a skirts-more-often-than-not gal, but over the past few weeks I've really fallen into a jeans rut. I'm looking forward to having this incentive to take a good hard look at some of the skirts that have sat untouched in my closet for far too long and find new ways to bring them back into rotation. It's absurdly cold here already (not even 30F this morning!), so that will add to the challenge for me. You're certainly invited to join in; it should be a fun month!


  1. I may try number 2 on this. I own exactly 1 skirt that's not Sunday dress. I love it and love how I feel when I wear it, and I know John appreciates it. I need to buy more pants/shorts anyways (yay postpartum weight fluctuation...not) so maybe I'll go the route of skirts instead.

    1. Thrift shops can be a good source of casual or at-home skirts, too, and usually at decent prices. I've probably found most of my skirts at thrift shops over the years, and many have been in surprisingly good condition.