09 September 2013

Skirtember: Week 1

How is your Skirtember going? I didn't manage to get a single photo this past week so I can't join the linkup at Scattered Seashells, but do check out the other lovely ladies' outfits!

My week started off well, with several days of fun outfits that I really liked... and then it was cold, and raining, and we all got sick again, and I got frustrated with feeling like I couldn't wear jeans even if I wanted to (which I know isn't true, but I wanted to be able to actually do this, right?) and I kind of gave up and slipped into just alternating between two denim skirts with different tops. They're very different skirts, if that makes it any better: a low-riding straight cut knee-length skirt in a dark, heavy denim, and a very high-waisted, almost ankle-length A-line in a lightweight sky blue. So the outfits haven't nearly been the same every day, but still.

Our rapid decent into winter is just generally frustrating me these days, and trying to wear skirts every day is forcing me to confront the reality of it a good deal more than I'd like to. I spent several mornings looking into my closet and saying, oh, I like that skirt, but I will freeze, or I can't wear that; it'll cling to leggings too badly. It seems crazy that many friends Outside are still regularly turning on the AC, while I'm already incorporating layers upon layers into my outfits to stay warm. I dearly miss autumns Outside, with their several months of comfortably cool weather and beautiful colors. This morning it took nearly ten minutes to warm the car enough that I could see clearly out all of the windows; I'm going to have to start bringing a dishtowel out in the mornings to dry the windows and mirrors so that it will go faster! Still, that alone means I oughtn't complain: if I can dry them off, it isn't hard frosting every night. Yet.

I'm going to keep plugging along at Skirtember--at this point it's more out of sheer stubbornness that I said I was going to do this thing, so I'm going to do it--and see if I can't find a way to have a better attitude about it by the end of this week. Maybe looking at it as a challenge, one of coming up with creative, warm AND cute outfits, will help.


  1. 1. "Descent," not "decent," miss Ed-eater.
    2. "Months of comfortably cool weather," huh? It was above 90 here yesterday, which is not my idea of comfort...
    3. I have to wipe my car windows off too--and it's not from frost! Count your blessings :-)

    1. *Miss Ed-eater ;-)

      I didn't mean that it was autumn there yet, necessarily, only that you'll likely actually get a nice autumn eventually. But yes, I know, the grass is always greener and all that. We aren't having -horrible- weather; I was just feeling grumpy.