23 September 2013

Skirtember: Week 3

Well, I fell off the bandwagon pretty thoroughly last week: jeans on Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon! Back in the saddle today with one of my go-to denim skirts, which still kind of feels like cheating... There's only one week left of September, though, so I'll give this one more shot.

I think I wind up in jeans so often for a couple of reasons. First, it's been cold out. Snow-all-over-the-place cold. Shorter skirts just aren't warm enough right now, and long skirts make it difficult to crawl around on the floor playing with Little Bear. Jeans just solve both of those problems so easily, without having to deal with constricting tights or leggings. Relatedly, most of my long/warm skirts have stretchy waists, and got stretched out somewhat while I was pregnant; now that I've lost all of that weight, I panic every time Little Bear grabs my skirt for support as he stands up because I feel it start to slip! And then there's the fact that I tend to have trouble being creative with outfits. I've had many of the long skirts in my closet for five to ten years, and while I know that styling them differently would make me feel better about how I look and more enthusiastic about wearing them, it's hard to see past pairing them with the same blah tee over and over again.

Mm, one other thing. Most of the people I hear supporting the idea of women wearing only skirts, or at least more skirts, are adamant that "your husband will thank you," that men find women in skirts to be more feminine, modest, and attractive. Really? So I asked my husband, who rolled his eyes and told me to wear whatever I wanted to, but that he honestly finds me most attractive when I wear cargo pants. Too bad I've shrunk too much post-baby to fit the only pair I have!

Skirtember's been an interesting challenge, just for the sake of seeing if I could do it. I do like skirts, but feeling obligated to wear them for an entire month has honestly made me feel less like wearing them. On my next trip to the thrift store, I'll definitely be bypassing the skirt section entirely and checking out the cargo pants.

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  1. I really love skirts. So very much, it's almost unhealthy. I actually own only two pairs of pants now-one pj and one yoga, and those barely count. That being said, when I feel obligated to wear a particular thing all the time I start to hate it after a while. Like headscarves-I went through a week long period of hardly wearing one but I missed them. Wear what works for you-and stay warm up there in make believe land!