14 June 2015

Answer Me This returns! with What I Wore Sunday

Hooray for Kendra! Her linkup Answer Me This is back for the summer. 

1. Any big plans for the summer?

Like Kendra, the biggest thing I have happening this summer is having a baby... hopefully soon! I've been pretty hermit-y so far this summer because prodromal labor has made going places, doing things, and seeing people difficult. I don't really anticipate becoming much less reclusive for a while after the baby comes, what with having a brand-new tiny person in the house, but it'll be nice to eventually be able to get out and enjoy the summer!

2. What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?

That the Easter bunny wore bunny boots. They're the winter footwear of choice for many Alaskans, and here Easter is definitely always still wintry. And with a name like that? My dad didn't have too much trouble convincing us as little kids, which was good for him, otherwise the bunny boot tracks all over the snowy back yard where he'd hidden the jelly bean-filled Easter eggs would have been a dead giveaway as to the bunny's identity!

3. What is your favorite amusement park ride?

None? I've never actually been to an amusement park. With such a short snow-free season compared to the rest of the country, it wouldn't make much economic sense to build one in Alaska.

4. What's on your summer reading list?

I just recently finished Catholic Philosopher Chick Comes On Strong, by Regina Doman and Rebecca Bratten-Weis. It was a fun read, and I enjoyed it (especially Cate's philosophy classes), but I didn't enjoy it as much as I did the first (Catholic Philosopher Chick Makes Her Debut). I'm optimistically looking forward to the next one coming out, though.

Currently, I'm working my way through Light from Heaven by Jan Karon and Parenting With Grace by the Popcaks. I keep setting the Mitford book down and losing it, so it's taking me a while. Parenting With Grace has been great; they cite current research into young children's developmental capabilities, which I appreciate, and we've already seen improvements as we have started trying to implement their "self-donative" parenting style. I love that it's based on a TOB understanding of relationships!

Next up, Molly Sabourin's Close to Home: One Orthodox mother's quest for patience, peace and perseverance. It's been on my wishlist for at least a year, and it only just recently occurred to me to see if it was available on Kindle... It is! I'm looking forward to picking it up during middle-of-the-night nursing sessions.

5. Have you ever fallen asleep in public?

If planes count as "in public," then definitely yes. Same goes for airports. I don't think anywhere else, though, and in neither planes nor airports was it ever unintentional.

6. What is your favorite smell?

Fresh-baked bread!

And, because I knew that I was going to find some way to get a post written today no matter what, because I was so excited about Answer Me This being back, I actually remembered to have Matt take a photo on our way out the door this morning so that I could link up with Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday as well!

(Okay, if I'd gone into labor for real midday, it might have taken an extra day or two to get my Answer Me This written... but not for any lesser reason! Hmm... now I might have to go fill out my answers to next week's questions, just in case, so that I'm ready :-)

Seriously, though, What I Wore Sunday:

Dress is from Motherhood Maternity; it was actually my Easter dress, but I hadn't yet gotten a picture of myself wearing it. It's so comfortable! And wow, Matt found an angle to take the photo from this morning that totally does not capture my "I look like a beached whale" feeling every time I walk past a mirror. It was oh-so-glamorously paired for Mass this morning with black flip flops borrowed from my mom, because with my ridiculous hobbit feet right now none of my shoes are even making an attempt at fitting, and none of the real shoes my mom and sister let me try fit either. Oh, and a very lightweight cocoa-brown sweater to cover my shoulders, which I was very very happy to take off after we got back in the car because it's getting hot out again!

Have a blessed new week!