02 June 2015

St Erasmus

This morning, I learned that today is the feast day of St Erasmus of Formia, also known as St Elmo. A martyr from the era of Diocletian's persecutions, St Erasmus is the patron of numerous types of abdominal pains, including... women in labor. 

It doesn't say anything about "women who wish they were in labor," but I figure it's worth asking his intercession today anyway. I don't know that today I'm doing particularly worse than any other day in the last week or so, probably about the same, but oh I'm so sick of feeling like this! I would be so happy to "just" be exhausted from being up all night with an infant.

Today is also my brother's birthday, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind sharing the day with his niece or nephew :-)

37 weeks 4 days... Not too much longer, I hope! And I know what I said about trying to convince myself that I'm just not going to have this baby for a couple of weeks yet, but that's such a terribly discouraging thought... I'm doing a decent job of not trying to track contractions, though. Matt asked this morning whether they were coming in a regular pattern, and I didn't know; I figure that by the time it's important for me to be aware of them, it'll be impossible to ignore them, so I may as well just not think about it too much until we reach that point.

St Erasmus of Formia, pray for us!

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