13 June 2015

Several Quick Takes

Oh goodness, it's Friday again already. I got close to no sleep last night—not Little Bear's fault; baby is "helping" me get ready for her arrival, I guess—so I don't know if I have the brain to make Seven Quick Takes happen today. Let's see how many I can get through...

Since moving Little Bear from his mattress on the floor to the bottom bunk on Sunday, he's fallen out of bed once a night every night except for last night. We stick a couple of pillows on the floor each night, and he doesn't even really wake up when he falls out of bed... We just hear a "thump" over the monitor, and one of us goes and puts him back in bed. I'm so grateful that he's been sleeping well! He's an Alaskan kid for sure: we're within ten days of the summer solstice now so it's pretty light all night long, and having light coming in under and around his window shade all night hasn't seemed to affect his sleep at all, even now that he's closer to the window in the big bed.

In the last 24 hours both my midwife and my chiropractor have made comments about "oh, your poor feet!", so I'm feeling a little better about being unhappy with how swollen they are. I'd kind of assumed this was normal and I was just being a wimp and hadn't experienced it to this degree with Little Bear because he was born earlier than this. I'm sure that's part of it, but also I might just be more-than-typically prone to edema and didn't discover it with Little Bear because I spent a huge percentage of the last few weeks pregnant with him sitting down with my feet up. That doesn't work when there's a little kid to chase around everywhere! It would be lovely if baby decided to come before we jump back up into the mid-80s next week and I get to deal with end-of-pregnancy hobbit feet combined with hot-summer-weather hobbit feet.

A couple of weeks ago we signed Little Bear up for the public library's summer reading program. This year they have a superhero theme, and he's excited beyond words every time we go in and he sees the larger-than-life Spider-Man balloon crouched on the ceiling. Yesterday we stopped in on the way to my midwife appointment to get his weekly stamp, and on the way out he spotted a giant book of "5-minute Marvel stories." I've done a little "editing" as I read to avoid defining concepts that just don't break down into 3yo-friendly language or to spend less time/emphasis on superheroic battles, but it's been a fun introduction for me to some Marvel characters I hadn't yet come across.

...and now it's late Saturday night, and I have nothing, because baby thinks it's more fun to start and stop contractions than to let me sleep, and bedtime for Little Bear was rough tonight. Rather than pulling thought fragments of of my fuzzy brain and tossing them haphazardly down on the page, let's just let this be finished and try again next week, shall we? Since I'm cheating this week I'm not going to link up with Seven Quick Takes, but don't let that stop you from checking out others' posts!

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