07 June 2015

Sunday rambling

I don't know if I have anything really worth talking about tonight—no photo, so I can't link up with What I Wore Sunday; no cute baby to share photos of yet—but I'm just laying here trying to ignore the contractions again forever as usual, because they're probably not going to lead to anything but I'm a little to uncomfortable to be productive, so look, words on a page!

We actually did have some excitement this weekend, now that I think about it. Last night my sister watched Little Bear so Matt and I could go out one last time before the baby comes. We realized that whenever we've gone out we've only ever dropped him off at my parents' house, and that it would probably be good to see how he did with someone watching him at our apartment in case we wind up going to the birth center in the middle of the night. He was very happy, and did not want her to leave when we got home, so I don't think we have to worry about that! Our dinner was good, but we wound up having to come home early; it was bright and sunny when we got to the restaurant, so we sat on their deck overlooking the river, but not long after our food arrived storm clouds blew over and we had to run for cover from the rain and hail! We decided we'd rather just have our food boxed up to go home, instead of trying to find a table inside.

This morning at the end of Mass, our parish had a procession for Corpus Christi! I was so happy they did, even though I couldn't participate... Too much walking for the very pregnant lady who can't walk very well these days. Everyone else in the church participated, though, and apparently Little Bear was good and cooperative for Matt.

Speaking of Little Bear and cooperation. We did move his mattress-on-the-floor to the opposite corner of his room a week or two ago to try to help limit the amount of fussing the neighbors were hearing through the wall, but moving it created a new problem: He had liked to fall asleep sprawled the length of his pillow, pressed against the wall, and now because of the location of the closet there was no wall at the head of the bed. It was making bedtime very difficult; we realized we needed some kind of headboard for him, and decided that if we were getting one kid bed, it made the most sense to just get a set of bunk beds so that we'd have the choice of bunked or separated beds once Kit is old enough for a bed. Yesterday we found a sturdy bunk bed at Sam's Club, and this morning my brother and his friend helped me pick it up in his truck while Matt was helping to set up for the parish picnic (he's on the parish council).

Since Matt had already spent hours at the park getting ready for the picnic and I didn't really feel up to lots of walking or fielding a hundred variations of "you haven't had that baby yet?", and getting Little Bear's bed equipt with a headboard was high on our priority list, we decided to stay home from the picnic this afternoon and assemble the bunk bed. Matt definitely did most of the work, but I helped with reading instructions, counting out screws and bolts, and holding things steady. It took a lot more time than we expected, but they look really nice. 

And, I just discovered that Kendra of Catholic All Year is temporarily bringing back what is possibly my favorite link-up, Answer Me This, beginning next Sunday! I'm sure looking forward to it.

And now I'm not quite sure whether the contractions have stopped, or I've just gotten better at ignoring them... Time to start paying attention again. Have a good week, y'all!

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