23 January 2013

Getting Life Back Under Control

We have been home from the hospital for more than a week, and I'm only just now finding time to write. I would say, Hopefully life will be nice and calm for a while now!, but we all know that that would just be asking to have everything explode again, so I'll resist.

Little Bear finished his antibiotics at 2am yesterday, and is pretty much over his cold. Matt's cold never got as bad and has nearly disappeared, while I am finally coming out of my ibuprofen-saline mist-cough drop-laden fog. I'm SO grateful to be able to take "vitamin I" instead of just acetaminophen, but I cannot wait to be done nursing and able to use sinus decongestants again! My usual last-ditch sinus-clearing option, eating straight cayenne, hasn't even been available since Little Bear gets mad when I have too much capsaicin.

Getting our feet back under us is a good feeling, though. I have managed to stick to my schedule this week with laundry, dusting and vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, etc., but I think we finally felt like everything was under control again when I actually made dinner last night instead of pulling something out of the freezer. Yes, I braided smoked sausages into pizza dough, baked them, and smothered them in sauerkraut, but still. Food. My man was happy with it, and in the end that's all that really matters, right?

Today's big adventure has been trying to keep Angry McTeethingpants quiet enough that he doesn't bother the landlords (who live above us). I do try to avoid giving him Tylenol if I can help it, distracting him with food, cold teething toys, and such, but it is amazing how quickly Tylenol works; in literally less than one minute, he transforms from the teething monster who wants nothing to do with that syringe to an angelic little boy making faces at Mommy in the mirror. There must be a lot of sugar in it; I can't think of any other reason for it to make him happy so quickly.

Any suggestions for other ways to help him through the teething process?


  1. frozen washcloths to chew on, bamboo, Hyland's teething tablets, frozen fruit in those feeding nets (http://www.amazon.com/Nuby-2-Pack-Nibbler-Colors-Vary/dp/B000WMV0XW/ref=pd_bxgy_ba_img_y), Sophie, PRAYER

  2. I hope you feel better soon!! I was just thinking of you and thinking about sending an e-mail to see how y'all were doing. I had a cold just before Christmas, and it was certainly hard to not be able to treat it!

  3. Thanks, Karen! I remember those mesh bags from one of my younger siblings, but it seems like they got nasty really quickly and were difficult to get completely clean. What is Sophie?