27 January 2013

What I Wore Sunday

I've been meaning to join in this fun linkup, hosted by Fine Linen and Purple, since it started, but one thing or another (like feeling silly asking my husband to take a photo of me) always seemed to get in the way. Let's see if I can keep up with it, now that I've started!

This weekend's "theme," if you will, was not-freezing-to-death; our temperatures have plummeted over the past few days. The weathermen were calling for -50 today, so for Little Bear's sake we decided to go to mass last night instead, while it was only -35. Our parish is almost 45 minutes down the highway, so we all layered up well and brought extra gear, just in case.

Scarves have to be my favorite accessory: pretty and functional at the same time, they keep more of you warm than a hat, while doing less damage to your hair! I may have gone a little overboard on textures last night, between the skirt and the blazer; I know that the blazer is dreadfully dated--seriously, suede and cable-knit ribbing---but it is definitely warm, and the color worked with the rest of the outfit. Warmth is my excuse for the skirt, too--the heavy crushed velvet panels block the cold quite well.


Scarf: Gift from a friend who traveled to the Middle East
Blazer: Hand-me-down from my mom's teaching days
Tee: Target
Skirt: handmade in India; I found it at a street fair a couple of years ago
Boots (not shown): Cabela's--similar to these, but from seven years ago


  1. How everyone continues to look chic and put together when they're in sub-zero degree temperatures continues to amaze me. I think I would give up. The greens are so lovely.

  2. OK if I was dressing for the frozen tundra I would probably look like a Polar Bear. You look chic and put together. Absolutely lovely!

  3. This was my first week participating too! You look so nice and warm, and you and the baby both have such sunny smiles! :) Blessings from the Holy Land (where we have lots of scarves like yours)! :)
    Jessa @ ShalomSweetHome

  4. I know about some crazy temperatures, but we're lucky enough to have a few parishes nearby! Stay (as) warm (as you can)!