11 January 2013

Seven Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 15

Today's 7QT is not for those without small children or otherwise easily grossed out.

Thank you, Lord, that it is finally Friday! The week can't get any worse now, because at least tomorrow Matt will be here to help deal with whatever new insanity arises.

Little Bear is still sick; possibly sicker than he was before. I brought him back in to the doctor with bloody diarrhea on Wednesday, and we've been working on collecting samples for the lab to run tests since. The doctor hopes it is just a lingering temporary irritation of the intestines from when he was taking the antibiotics.

Yesterday he was a pretty happy boy, we got the first sample in no problem, but then he wouldn't give me any more messy diapers. The other big sample was time-sensitive: I had to get it back to the lab in 20 min, so it had to be enough and at a time the lab was open. Frustrating.

Not as frustrating as last night, though; he had eight (!!!) episodes of diarrhea, most bloody again, and threw up in our bed. Twice. He also acquired a stuffy nose and an awful-sounding cough that kept waking him up but made him too miserable and uncomfortable to nurse.

After a night like that, today could only get better, right? We dropped Matt off at work, and I called the pediatrician. "Yes, bring him in," they said, "but we don't have any openings until 3:30." So I drove home. As I pulled into the driveway, my phone rang: they'd had a cancellation, if we could get there in 15 minutes. I backed right back out of the driveway and headed back to town.

Long story short, the doctor thinks he has a separate viral infection causing the cough/sneezing/stuffy nose, so there isn't anything we can do but cuddle him and try to keep his nose clear so he can breathe and is willing to nurse, because he's at risk for dehydration from the gastrointestinal stuff.

We had been home again for five minutes when he finally messed his diaper again, giving me that sample for the lab. Back into the car.... Little Bear let me know how displeased he was, at the top of his lungs, all the way to the clinic where he threw up in the parking lot. At least they have a restroom. Dropped off the sample, completely changed the baby, and came home, where he threw up again.

At least I'm doing a good job observing the fast today; I didn't eat anything until after noon! Prayers for the little boy would be appreciated this weekend...

I'm sorry for writing a whole 7QT about this... it is kind of the only thing on my mind right now.

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  1. holy cow...that sounds awful. I'm so sorry for all of you!

  2. Rose, I hope today went better! Poor little man, and poor distressed mama. If it makes you feel any better, my man also projected an early breakfast on his snoozing unsuspecting parents at 4:30 am...but that was because he is a glutton and not because he is sick. I will pray that he gets better soon and you don't get what he's got to boot.