13 January 2013

Prayers for Baby

The good news is, we think we know what is ailing the little boy.

The bad news is, well, there are several bits of bad news.

First, we are in the hospital. More on that in a minute.

Second, the diarrhea is caused by C. difficile. Possible complications of which, according to the doctor, include death.

Third, the antibiotic used to treat C. difficile comes in pills. Six-month-olds can't take pills. We have to wait until Monday, when the only pharmacy in the area that can turn pills into liquids, opens.

Fourth, Little Bear started throwing up Saturday evening and couldn't seem to stop. We brought him to the ER, where they treated him for dehydration and decided to admit him to keep an eye on his progress.

Prayers would be appreciated! We how to bring him home today. More info as we have it.

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