05 March 2013


It's so easy to get bogged down by everything that's frustrating, or out of our control, or just not quite going the way we want it to... And I'm going to take a quick break from thinking about any of that, because complaining is bad for me. Instead, here are some things that have brought a smile to my face recently:

- sunny blue skies
- snow angels
- water dripping off the roof
- a baby sleeping in my lap
- long talks with my best friend
- playing on the snow bank with Little Bear
- rhubarb kuchen
- the sacraments
- a glass of chianti with my husband
- birthdays
- sleeping in
- dinner guests
- pretty glasses
- stories of saints
- sunshine! (did I say that already?)
- baby giggles
- the bathroom scale
- brisk walks
- picking Daddy up from work
- messy diapers
- storybooks
- "only in Alaska" moments
- glowing sunsets

What's on your list?

Also, happy birthday to my wonderful husband! who doesn't want to admit to how old he is today. :-)

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