10 March 2013

What I Wore Laetare Sunday!

Rejoice! Laetare is Latin for rejoice, and the Church sets aside this fourth Sunday of Lent as a day to rejoice. Doesn't sound very Lenten, does it? When we think of Lent, we think purple, ashes, fasting, sackcloth. But today, the priest wore rose-colored vestments (not pink, rose) and the prayers and readings brought together images of joy and reasons for praising God.

In the first reading, we heard about the Israelites finally finishing their 40 years in the wilderness. We are almost done with our 40 days in the Lenten wilderness, too: next Sunday is Passion Sunday, and a week later will be Palm Sunday and Holy Week! The Gospel reading showed the great joy of the father when the prodigal son returned home. As we draw closer to the end of Lent, hearing that parable was a real reminder to me to look again at my own Lenten journey and make sure I'm still on the right track, heading toward the Father and toward our paschal celebration of Easter.

I may have failed at Lenten purple so far, but this weekend I definitely remembered to break out the liturgical rose! I suggested a nice, liturgically-correct rose-colored tie to Matt, but he was not interested. In his words,

It works well for guys with a darker complexion, dark hair, not this color of beard. It's like how you can't wear pale yellow, right? Plus it would be wearing a pink tie, and, well, that's wearing a pink tie...

I was going to applaud his well thought out, fashion-conscious motivation, but I think he lost a few points there at the end. ;-) Poll time: for my married/affianced readers, does (or would) your husband wear a pink tie? Would you like it if he did?

My outfit:

Corduroy button down: Motherhood Maternity, thrifted
Tee: not sure (old)
Skirt: thrifted
Boots (not shown): same as last time

In honor of Laetare Sunday, and because I had bananas sitting on the counter going bad, we're having a dairy-free banana cake with walnut-coffee frosting tonight! I don't think I've ever baked anything dairy-free before, so hopefully it turns out!

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  1. Walnut-coffee frosting? Aww, man, that sounds good.

    Love your skirt, and my husband does wear colors in the pink family.

  2. John won't wear pink for the same reasons Matt mentioned...lol. Basically that he can't "pull it off."

    And I love your skirt!!

  3. Love the skirt...beautiful shades of pink.

  4. 1. My husband would never, ever wear pink.
    2. You look lovely in that dusty rose shade.
    3. That cake sounds great!

  5. Cutest outfit this lent...and I am not even a pink fan. But *rose* and brown are cute. And I am so glad that you admit you still wear maternity stuff...I do too just cause its comfy, and you usually can't tell...remember that dress you got?