08 March 2013

Seven Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 22

It's SPRING!!!! Glorious, beautiful, amazing Spring! I could use up all seven "takes" today with adjectives for how happy I am... It is 40 degrees outside right now. Forty! With no "-" in front of it! Snow is melting everywhere, water is dripping off the roof, slush is getting tracked into the house and I don't even care... I was able to use the windshield wiper fluid today without creating a layer of ice! So, so wonderful.

There's nothing like spring weather to encourage a little humility lesson. Today I was so excited to finally (finally!!!) be enjoying perfect weather, while at the same time so, so frustrated to be taking the baby to the doctor again. I pulled summer clothes out of my closet, defiantly stating that I didn't CARE that there's a reason this is known as "flu weather," I was wearing a knee-length skirt and short-sleeved tee anyway. I realized, after leaving the house, that the shirt, which was on the right side of not-quite-modest pre-baby, was definitely, um, more accentuating of my postpartum figure than I consider appropriate. "Too late now," I said to my driving-down-the-highway self. "I'll just keep my jacket on."

Did I keep my jacket on? In this heatwave? Nooooooo. I did try, but by halfway through the post-doctor-visit shopping trip I was sweltering. "I'm holding the baby in front of myself; I can at least unzip the jacket." Five minutes later, who do we run into? Our pastor, whose last homily was about not cheating when we've resolved to do things. Ugh. Sorry, Fr. Robert. We'll see you at confession tomorrow.

Little Bear's cousin, when he was younger, would dump his blocks out on the floor just so he could have the pleasure of putting them away neatly again. Those genes clearly did not make it into our side of the gene pool; pulling books out of the basket and scattering them across the floor has become a favorite pastime this week, but putting them back? Not so much.

While I'm not looking forward to turning back the clocks Saturday night, it will be good to get back into a regular schedule next week. Matt was on call this week, working funny hours that never seemed to let him get home in time for dinner. His turn comes up once every five or six weeks, and since he started working at the university almost two years ago, I don't think he has managed to NOT be on call for one of our birthdays. One of these years, it would be nice to have more of a celebration together than very quietly eating cheesecake and trying not to wake the baby.

Not having a real dinner time together has meant that I don't actually have to make dinner, though, which has been nice... as long as I remember to eat. I made sure a decent dinner went with Matt each day, but Little Bear isn't sitting down and eating meals yet, so most evenings I wound up eating chips and salsa or a handful of almonds as I ran around doing other things.

With 11+ hours of daily sun and gaining, sunglasses have become a necessity again. Most years, early March finds me digging through coat pockets and purses trying desperately to find my sunglasses, but this year I was so proud: I knew exactly where they were, on the shelf next to the door where I put them in the fall. I wore them for the first time this year on Tuesday. No more than an hour after proudly walking out the door wearing the sunglasses I hadn't lost all winter long, I forgot them in the Sam's Club shopping cart, not realizing they were missing until it was too late to be worth going back. I guess I've needed several lessons in humility this week. My mom was nice enough to lend me her spares until I find a new pair, which will hopefully happen soon!

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  1. Oh, do I feel you on the post-baby modesty shirts! I'm going to be going through that this summer (Louisiana summer, no less!) and I'm not looking forward to it. I've always been kind of on the busty side, so finding decent shirts to wear has always been a challenge. Add nursing to the mix...oh boy.

  2. Ugh, I keep losing or breaking sunglasses, too.

    And Andrew didn't start putting things BACK until he was over a year...before then it was just dumping. So there's still hope yet!!

  3. I flushed a pair of sunglasses down a toilet once. I am hopeless on the sunglasses scene too.

    Spring! Ahhh! At long last!