22 March 2013

Seven Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 24

Man, I feel like such a lazy blogger this week... haven't posted anything since my last 7QT, and that was late! Hopefully I'll be back into a more regular schedule soon. We've been busy lately, because...

...Squishy Cheerios keep appearing all. over. my. house. On the floor. On the furniture. In the folds of Little Bear's clothes. Stuck to our socks. Everywhere. He's rather fond of them. I'm rather not.

...Someone has been trying to learn to stand up by himself. This translates to pulling himself up on a piece of furniture, letting go, grinning and clapping his hands, and falling over. Again, and again, and again. It's adorable! Except for the falling over part, of course. I usually manage to catch him, but he's lunged away from me and bonked his nose a couple of times. Poor little boy.

...After standing, story time is still his favorite activity during the day. His lineup of stories he'll happily listen to has increased to six: The Fire Engine Book, I Am A Bunny, Counting 1 to 10, Whose Baby Am I?, There's A Wocket In My Pocket, and The Little Mouse, The Red, Ripe Strawberry, And The Big Hungry Bear. We have read each one at least five times so far today.

...Matt has been working strange hours this week, generally on short notice. We found out Wednesday mid-afternoon that he had to work 11-8 on Thursday... things like that really mess with Little Bear. About 5 yesterday he started saying dadadada and looking at the door; he expected his daddy to walk in, and became progressively sadder as time went by and Matt didn't appear. Today should be normal; I haven't heard anything about him having to stay late yet.

...Google Reader is shutting down! How frustrating is that? I've put far too much time this week test driving websites and apps people have suggested as replacements, and am not happy with any of them. I really hope that some other developers take advantage of the general unhappiness about this to come up with a good alternative!

...Glasses. How do you keep them from sliding down your nose when you look down? And how do you put them back where they belong when the baby sleeping on your lap has both of your hands?

That's all I've got. I'm sure you'll find plenty of more coherent Quick Takes over at ConversionDiary.com!

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  1. VII-- make sure the arms over your ears fit properly. (tight enough so they don't slide, but not so tight that they hurt...can be tricky with a new pair) your dr should have checked the fit by tugging at your glasses while you wore them, but you can bend the arms a little on your own. just be careful, bc doing so could mess with your prescription....to push them back up hand-less, I use my shoulder on the bottom of the frame.