02 June 2013

What I Wore Sunday {17}

Linking up with the lovely ladies of Fine Linen and Purple and Grace of Camp Patton to celebrate Corpus Christi! Or the Second Sunday after Pentecost, if you celebrated Corpus Christi on Thursday. I know I'm usually unhappy when they move feast days to Sunday, but this one doesn't bother me so much: It isn't one that is supposed to fit with others numerically, like the Ascension being ten days after Pentecost or the Annunciation being exactly nine months before Christmas. If moving Corpus Christi doesn't mess up any other numbers, and gives more people the ability to celebrate this particular emphasis on the True Presence, then I can support it.

Our pastor gave an excellent homily, as usual, although I missed half of it changing a diaper... Matt tells me that I missed a lot, so I will have to go listen to the recording when Father posts it. I'm so glad that he does that every week! It certainly helps on days like today, where one or the other of us spends most of the liturgy walking around the narthex with the noisy child.

In the spirit of Grace's linkup, I suppose I should start "grading" Little Bear's behavior during Mass; today was a solid C. He was quiet and still through the gospel, but as soon and Father began his homily, he stopped pretending to be a well-behaved child and began fussing and crawling under the pew behind us until Matt picked him up and noticed that he was wet, and I took him out to change him. I'd give him a better grade for having a legitimate reason for fussing, but he decided that he wanted to stay in the narthex and yelled whenever we tried to bring him back in, so Matt took him out until Communion, and then I spent the rest of Mass out there with him.

The child looked different this week: He had his first real (with the clippers) haircut on Friday evening! I cut Matt's hair first so that Little Bear could see that it wasn't a scary thing, but it didn't work... he cried the whole time Matt's hair was being cut, even though Matt kept reassuring him that everything was okay. We wound up giving in and putting him in front of a show while Matt held him and he cried and I cut his hair. He wasn't unhappy enough to take his eyes off the screen while I cut his hair, though, so some of the protesting may have been more a matter of principle...

I'll miss those curls... They will be back this winter, though, to keep his head warm!

Yesterday I made a trip to the thrift store with my mom and two sisters, and I finally found some fun, nursing-friendly things for summer! Including today's outfit:

Top: thrifted 
Capris: thrifted
Sandals: these are wedge flip flops from Walmart years ago, but for Mass I wore the Payless sandals from last week

Have a lovely week!

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  1. Andrew screamed for his haircuts until he was about 18-24mo. Now he's okay with it, and even looks forward to it.