14 March 2014

SQTF 81: Weaning, Spring Cleaning, and Fun with the Toddler

So I just deleted a couple of paragraphs of whining about my teething toddler dropping a coffee mug on my foot this morning and refusing to nap, and when he finally fell asleep the landlady starting to vacuum hard floors right above us... Such a fun day. Not. But now he is finally sleeping soundly and I'm going to try to find positive things to focus on instead of all of the frustrating stuff.


Things like the goofy boy playing with his toothbrush. You'd think it was the greatest toy in the world, the way he begs to brush his teeth (and tongue, and hair...) every time we go into the bathroom. He has such a blast making faces at us when we are brushing our teeth before bed, mimicking and over-exaggerating our actions.

And things like weaning; yes, that is a positive thing! I'd planned to let Little Bear be the one to decide if we would stop before he turned 2, but about a week ago, my milk pretty much disappeared all of a sudden. He's taking it better than I expected, although we've usually had one brief midafternoon bout of tears when he asks and I have to say no. There's still just enough to let him nurse before nap time and bedtime, which I'm sure has helped--he's going down easily and getting enough rest to be able to handle it the rest of the time. It's so nice to see him learning to fall back asleep without nursing when he half-awakens at night or in the middle of a nap.


And the weather! Ladies and gentlemen, Spring has arrived. It is beautiful outside, and Little Bear and I have been loving the long sunny afternoons of playing out in the snow this week. Spring is the best time to play in the snow, because it's actually warm enough to pack snowballs and build forts. We still have several feet of it in the back yard, but in the south-facing front yard, the indentations are growing around the fence and the tree trunks. All of the main roads were clear when I was out running errands yesterday, although some were awash with melting snow and probably slickened up after nightfall. Little Bear discovered puddles for the first time yesterday when we were waiting to pick Matt up from work, and after Matt met up with us, Little Bear dragged us back over to the melting spots to show Daddy how he could splash.

Oh, and spring cleaning. I love going through cupboards and closets and getting rid of clutter, and last weekend, while Matt played with Little Bear I managed to go through my dresser and closet, actually try on every single item, and sort things. One pile to keep, one to mend, one to sell, one to donate. Anything that didn't fit, or I didn't like, or I was only keeping because "I really ought to have one of those for someday," went on one of the last two piles. No wonder I was always frustrated and uninspired when I looked in my closet: eight grocery bags of clothes went out the door! One to my sister, who is a size I'll never be again; one to a local consignment shop; one to Once Upon a Child, a "gently used" kids/maternity store; and five to the local thrift store. I am all done wishing to be the size I was back in the middle of college! I'm happy with myself the way I am, and--especially with as little storage space as we have here--there is no point to hanging on to cute skirts and tops that haven't fit in five years. There's definitely even less point to hanging on to things that I've never liked.

Getting out of the house yesterday was definitely a positive thing; comparing yesterday to today, I think it's pretty obvious that being all by myself at home with the crazy toddler is a whole lot more stressful than being out running around town with him. Which sounds self-evident now, but I always think that I'm making my days easier by opting to stay home... Hmm. Anyway, yesterday was a little bit ridiculous: after Little Bear's nap and lunch, it was 1:20pm. We browsed the sale racks at the consignment shop while the clerk looked at what I'd brought, then got gas across the parking lot. Ran out to my parents' house to drop off the bag for my sister and let Liitle Bear see the "arf arf," which always makes him excited, then drove across town to Sam's Club. What should have been a quick stop morphed into a more-than-40-minute mess of wandering back and forth trying to find the dried fruit, which they had moved somewhere so illogical that none of the employees I asked could find it; I finally gave up and got a tin of their survival-food freeze dried strawberries instead. Once Upon a Child was a fun stop; Value Village was quick, just dropping things off, but I had enough bags that they filled up my savings pass stamp book: 30% off my next purchase! That'll be fun. After that we swung through the bank drive-through--possibly the best modern invention ever for moms of fussy tykes--and picked up some groceries from Fred Meyers, while Little Bear was bribed into sitting quietly and happily in the cart with a cookie from the bakery. By the time we left, we barely had any puddle-splashing time before picking Matt up from work!

That was very long, and is going to count for two because it looks like Little Bear is awake.

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  1. I finally got rid of those "if only I could fit in them again" clothes after having Peter. It took me a lot longer than you to figure out that, yes, your body changes after having children and you will need to relook at fit/style that works for you. The good news (in my extremely limited experience) is this only happens once. Yes, you will gain and have to lose baby weight with future kids, but your body shape will probably stay approximately the same.

    1. That is encouraging to know! It was an unpleasant surprise to find out that even after losing all of the baby weight, some things still looked terrible. I can't believe how far apart my ribs were spread! Hopefully I'm done with major body-structure changes now...

  2. I really need to purge my clothes and replace some worn-out staples. I almost did about this time last year (must be a spring cleaning thing) but then I got pregnant. At some point I need to figure out how to purge based on the fact that I want to get another 25 pounds down from my pre-baby weight but will still need early pregnancy/postpartum and maternity wear. And a fair bit of the normal and looser categories will need to be nursing friendly...Blah.

    1. When I became pregnant with Little Bear, I already had 20 pounds I needed to lose; I wound up putting the clothes-purging off until I'd lost everything I wanted to. I think it helped, because then I knew what things fit me at what stages, and which things I liked and wanted to hang on to for the next round of early pregnancy-postpartum weight fluctuations.