30 March 2014

WIWS: 6 Weeks

Happy Laetare Sunday! This is the fourth week of Lent already; it seems like it's going so quickly this year. Did you see rose-colored vestments today? Our small parish doesn't have any, unfortunately, so we had violet. Little Bear and I were wearing rose, though!

Little Bear behaved himself so well today. He sat still on his seat or on Matt's lap most of the time, he payed attention to Father whenever he was talking, and he only had to be taken out once, and that wasn't because of bad behavior: he'd kicked his boots off during the offeratory, and when he tried to stand up as we were kneeling for the consecration, his sock-clad feet slipped out from under him. Matt said that as soon as they got out into the foyer, Little Bear calmed right down; he was more startled than hurt.

The homily today was a really good reflection on how God calls weak people and gives them strength. Father pointed out that in the first reading, God says that He judges men's hearts, not their outward appearance, which means that God already knew David's weakness, and that he would commit adultery, when He instructed Samuel to anoint David. But He also knew how much David loved Him, and that he would repent and keep trying to follow Him. God knows we aren't perfect. By this point in Lent, we've probably slipped up at least once on one of the things we gave up or said we'd do more of. But God doesn't want us to just give up because we fell once, or twice, or ten times. If we keep asking for the grace to try again, He will always give it to us.

Today was a little bit cooler than it has been recently--only 25 F by noon. It's supposed to be 39 this afternoon. We will see how warm it is after Little Bear's nap. Hopefully it'll be warm enough for there to be lots of puddles to splash in if we go for a walk. We're loving getting out in all of the spring weather and sunshine!

Cropped cardigan: Boden, thrifted
Lace-edged tank: St John's Bay, old... 
Paisley skirt: Villager by Liz Clairborne, thrifted
Chocolate pumps: Sarah-Jayne, garage sale
Blindingly-white legs: five months of winter and counting :-)

Other than the skirt riding high, this outfit doesn't make it super obvious that I'm expecting, which is okay with me! There are plenty of days that I look in the mirror and wince; there's no way I looked like that this early with Little Bear! And it's true; I didn't. But this isn't my first kid, and my body doesn't particularly care whether I'd really like to pretend I have abs for another few weeks or not. Don't take this wrong--we are so happy to be having Squirrel!--but sometimes there's a little (huge) part of me that's jealous of the women who totally don't look pregnant until well into the second trimester. That will never be me!

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  1. Hah, I'm never the type of woman who can hide a pregnancy for long - heck, I look like I could be pregnant even when I'm 6 months, 9 months, one year post-partum... Gotta love those tummy muscles that have given up!

    Congratulations on your new addition! How exciting!!!

  2. I already am in maternity. Sometimes I look like I'm pregnant, sometimes I don't. I definitely do to me and John. :) The good news it, postpartum "fluff" wasn't that different.

  3. You are so cute! Also, I can't believe you were dressed that lightly when it was only 25 out. I am slightly disappointed with how not-pregnant you look, honestly. Baby bump photos are adorable! ;-)

    (I'm mostly kidding about being disappointed, because I can imagine it's more comfortable like this. But I do think you are a very pretty pregnant lady)

    1. PS- How do you find all these adorable clothes at thrift stores? Especially something from Boden, which I only dream about wearing! I am jealous.

    2. Haha, thank you! There will definitely be enough months of very pregnant-looking photos soon enough... It'd be really disenheartening if I already looked that way!

      I think our thrift store is so good because some people here have too much money... That sounds awful of me, but honestly, going through the "re-use pile" at the dump, it is not at all uncommon to find brand new name-brand clothes, formal dresses, nice furniture, etc! People just decide they don't want it, and throw it away. I found a pair of Dansko sandals in perfect condition there recently!