16 March 2014

Weekend Wrap

And a sort-of photo dump, at least in comparison to how ridiculously few photos I tend to post. Matt takes most of the good ones, and half the time his phone only pretends to email them to me and I just give up and publish photoless posts... But not today, because he sent most of these last night while the internet was cooperating!

Friday afternoon: snow cave digging! As you can see, "It's Spring!" means something different in Alaska than it does elsewhere... because it is definitely Spring, and that's not at all an unusually-sized pile of snow to have sitting in the front yard. Little Bear has been just beside himself with excitement over how much time we've been able to spend playing outside recently!

Excuse me, child... what do you think you're doing?


Little Bear was helping Matt unload the dishwasher while I set the table last night; the fridge must not have latched all the way behind me, because Matt turned around to see Little Bear standing up inside the fridge, happily eating leftover pasta. This kid.

"He... probably shouldn't be standing there."

"Yeah, but I've been trying to get him to eat that for days. At least take a photo before you move him..."

Parents of the Year, that's us.

Do we get extra points for feeding him eggplant? I made eggplant Parmesan for the first time this weekend, and while the little noodle-lover turned up his nose at the tricolor rotini, he could not get enough of the eggplant or tomato sauce. It didn't even have to have cheese on top to get him to eat it! I was impressed.

After he was up at 1, and 1:30, and 2, and 2:30, and so on and so forth this morning, we gave up and got out of bed at 6:30 am, hurried (okay, meandered sluggishly) into church clothes, and ran out the door for the earliest Mass in town: the 7:30 at my parents' parish. Little Bear was incredibly well-behaved--it's too bad it is so early, or we would have to consider going more frequently! It's an old, pretty church, and there are so many different things to keep his attention: stained glass windows, candles, the altar boys moving back and forth, the bells--the bells are definitely his favorite. After Mass, because we were still tired, and because Sunday is a little Easter, and because I was not up for cooking when we got home, we went to a little diner for breakfast. 

Again, a crazy-well-behaved child... what got into him today? He drank his water nicely from the straw--he's never seen a straw before--because I didn't have a sippy cup; he sang happily "back forth back forth" as he rocked in his booster seat on the bench next to me; and he ate his toast and bites of my omelet without fussing, or grabbing anything, or dropping any silverware, or trying to get down and run... I don't know what happened, but having a little boy all of a sudden instead of an angsty toddler was wonderful! (Yes, I do know better than to expect it to last... but I'm enjoying it while it does.)

What's a weekend photo dump without a What I Wore Sunday outfit? Top and skirt are thrifted; tichel sliding off the back of my head is from CoverYourHair.com.  Don't worry, the socks were well hidden in my big clunky brown boots, because we woke up to -11 F this morning... Fortunately, it warmed back up to the mid-20s by early afternoon.

And last but certainly not least exciting, Little Bear is doing a great job of learning to sit up nicely at the table with us and behave himself during meals.

At least, when he's not getting tickled...

Have a great week!


  1. hooray for photodumping! I enjoyed this post SO MUCH. I want to squeeze your little guy.

    My boy likes food better if he is eating it directly out of the fridge better too. I laughed when I saw the picture of him standing in the fridge. They are so much alike sometimes.

    PS. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE BOOK!!!!! I love it! Read it....with both kids and a teddy bear on my lap and started laughing....all I was missing was a puppy! Such a fun surprise to get a book from Alaska amid all our junk and bills.

  2. That's so funny that he likes to eat right out of the fridge too! It's so much fun to see the ridiculous things they come up with.

    Yay! I'm glad it got there. We read it all the time, and it seemed like something your boys would enjoy too.

  3. Hahaha, that photo of him in the fridge is definitely a keeper. :-D