28 March 2014

SQTF 83: Of Puddles and Toddlers, Pregnancy and Food...

How about some very quick takes this week? First trimester exhaustion is making it hard to keep my eyes open... 

I hate hiccups in the first trimester. With so many exclamation points. They make the nausea so much worse.


Yesterday, Little Bear learned about puddles. There's still a lot of snow everywhere, but with afternoons consistently getting into the mid-40s, breakup is upon us. Little Bear had such a blast stomping and splashing with his new breakup boots! Everywhere we went yesterday--our driveway, the bank, Matt's office, my parents' house--he found puddles. The bank parking lot had a particularly large puddle; there, we learned an important lesson about not letting go of Mama's hand and running when she says to stay still... we had to go home for a complete change of clothes after that. But it didn't stop him from being excited about puddles for the rest of the afternoon!

We are up to more than 13 hours of daylight now! We've had to rig a blanket over the bedroom window, to make the room dark enough for Little Bear to fall asleep at night. Even with the shade down, curtains closed, and blanket up, there's still enough light getting in at 9 pm to see the whole room pretty clearly!

Weaning. It's not working. I've convinced Little Bear that he only gets to nurse at nap/nighttime, but now, instead of constantly asking to nurse, he's constantly asking to go to sleep! And getting him to fall asleep without nursing is regressing badly, now that he's linked the word "nightnight" with nursing...


(Photo from Quaker's website)

My favorite breakfasts are oatmeal and yogurt with granola. The other day I was picking up oatmeal at the store, and discovered Quaker's new fusion of oatmeal and granola: Warm & Crunchy Granola. You add milk and microwave it, and it becomes a creamy, crunchy, hot cereal. Delicious. And because it's a new item and they want people to try it, I found it on sale for less than their normal oatmeal!

Somehow I wound up with the car every day this week, except today. Not having to drive anywhere is a nice change of pace! Having the car, and getting out of the house for at least the last half hour of Matt's day is also nice, though: Little Bear loves busses, and if we get to campus early he has fun watching for them. If I'm being a particularly nice mommy, sometimes we even park in the far-away lot and ride the bus up to meet Matt.


Another first trimester-approved meatless supper to remember: zucchini and asparagus tossed with a little olive oil and broiled, scrambled eggs with white cheddar, and fresh strawberries! 

Have a beautiful weekend. For more quick takes, stop by Conversion Diary!


  1. Little Bear is hilarious. I hope you guys work out a solution to the weaning thing.