21 March 2014

SQTF 82: Spring Snow, Spring Break, Spring Fashion...

There is, I admit, a small part of me that's laughing at all of the grumpy comments on Facebook today about having snow fall on the vernal equinox, or "first day of Spring." The concept of the weather obeying our neat little division of the year into quarters just seems absurd; people expect it to be done snowing because we've reached a particular date on the calendar? Are they serious? Really, I don't get it. Yes, I live in Alaska, but it just doesn't make sense to me that people are put out because weather patterns aren't conforming to a piece of paper. I guess maybe that's unfair of me; I'm accustomed to having snow on the ground October through May, and most of the country isn't. 

This morning Little Bear and I visited the courthouse to fill out the temporary exemption affidavit for jury duty. He was kind of uncooperative getting through security, but the security people were nice and there was no one behind us. I'm so glad to have that taken care of! He still has yet to fall asleep, for a nap or at night, on his own... We are trying, but it just hasn't clicked yet. It would have been a horrible week if I had to try to leave him with someone else every day all week, because he wouldn't have gotten any naps, and nights would be awful because he'd be overtired, and I'm too tired and nauseous to deal with that.

My first appointment with the midwife is scheduled! It's not until Easter Monday, but just seeing it on the calendar makes me so happy. Matt may try to take sick leave to go with me, to keep Little Bear calm and out of the midwife's way and to ask any questions he has because I know I won't think of half of the things he wants to know. I'm seeing a different midwife with Squirrel than I did with Little Bear; I met her last year when I had an annual exam, and I really liked her--I remember coming home and telling Matt that the next time I had a baby, I wanted to work with her! As far as I know, she's the only NFP-trained CNM in town--knowing that she understands and respects our decision to use NFP makes me much more comfortable around her. It would probably be good if Matt had met her at least once before delivery, too.

This past week has been spring break for all of the local schools and the university, and all of the University of Alaska Fairbanks employees got today off work. Matt's department is technically part of the U of A statewide IT, but because they are located at UAF, they were given the day off too. It's so nice to have him home for a three-day weekend! Especially since I've been feeling sick in the evenings lately, making me not feel up to doing anything fun in the little time that we do get to see each other before I go put Little Bear and myself to bed. I'm hoping that I am feeling well enough this evening for us to go to stations of the cross together tonight; it's usually too difficult to squeeze it in between Matt getting home from work and Little Bear going to bed, but since he's home today... we will see.

It seems like denim jackets always appear this time of year. And I always marvel at how they look so good on everyone, and wistfully remember having one I loved in high school, and then sternly inform myself that it would be a waste of money because I definitely don't need one. And I don't! I have plenty of jackets. But they look good with everything... But it would be even more of a waste this year, wouldn't it, since I'm pregnant and it probably wouldn't fit in a few months anyway? But if I got one now, then I'd know it would be the right size again for next Spring...


This kid. If he sees one of us smell something, he will run over, stretch out his arms toward it, and sniff loudly until we let him smell it... which always involves mashing it against his nose. He really liked the fresh bread smell: every time we came into the kitchen for the next few days, he'd look all around until he spotted the loaf, then lean toward it, sniffing.

It's time for our annual sunglasses hunt: every winter at least one of us manages to lose or break our sunglasses, and now that we have so much sun constantly glaring off the snow, we can't keep sharing one pair! This year, for the first time in quite a while, my sunglasses are the ones that survived the winter. They have been living in the car for a couple of months, though, so that whoever is driving can use them. It's sunny enough outside now--twelve and a half hours a day and increasing!--that taking Little Bear for a walk or even just going outside for a little while is painful without sunglasses. Once the snow all melts it won't be so bad, but we have a good while yet before that happens, so... hopefully the stores will put out their sunglasses displays soon!

Have a wonderful, warm weekend! Visit Conversion Diary for more quick takes!

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