20 March 2014


Wow. How in the world was I going in to work every day through the first however many months of being pregnant with Little Bear? I am exhausted, y'all. Constantly. Forget teaching Little Bear to sleep in his own bed; I'm putting him to sleep the easiest way possible so that I can crash. Having my evening end at 7:30pm used to be frustrating, but now it can't come soon enough.

Was it really this tiring last time, or is it just the combination of pregnancy + toddler + running twenty million errands every day this week and shoveling my parents' driveway? Okay, don't answer that. Humor the sleepy pregnant lady.

There's one good thing coming from this exhausted, nauseated state of existence, though, other than the obvious bundle of joy in nine months: I'm supposed to start jury duty on Monday morning, but I called the jury clerk today to find out whether they reeeaaally want a juror who may be running out of the room to throw up sporadically all week, and she told me to come down to the courthouse and sign an affidavit granting a temporary exemption. Yay, I can be nauseous in the comfort of my own home instead of in the jury box.

Little Bear's recent desire to take his daily nap on the early side of midday has also been shockingly appreciated: if he isn't starting to ask for a nap by 10:30am, I'm catching myself yawning and trying to coax him to rest. My caffeine allergy definitely isn't helping with my being-a-sane-functional-person efforts, and I can't even give myself an occasional sugar-high energy burst because it's Lent. What to do? "Pillow" is one of Little Bear's newest words, and I'm definitely not above putting two pillows on the living room floor, laying down on one, and hoping that he comes and lays his head on the other so I can close my eyes for a few minutes...

Seriously, how do you deal with first trimester exhaustion? I clearly can't remember what I did last time, but whether that's because I was too tired then for memories to form or because I'm too tired now to be able to remember anything is probably a question I'll never know the answer to. Is there something I should be getting more or less of? Other than sleep, obviously, and shoveling. I don't want to be this tired and useless all the time for the next couple months...


  1. It was a lot harder with #2 than #1. Mostly because of, as you pointed out, the toddler. They take a lot of energy! And up until now you've been used to being able to put all your energy to that one child. Now you have to share it with another one! How to get through it? Take it one day at a time. Cut back on housework. (I rearranged my cleaning schedule already. Yeah, my bathrooms won't get cleaned as often, but my kids are being taken care of!) Make generous use of the crock pot. Make double portions of meals and freeze half of it. (won't help you right now, but in a week or two you'll be so happy!) btw, this will also come in handy in your third trimester. :) When Andrew was born we were more than happy to scrounge for food whenever he fell asleep, but when Peter was born, there was a 2 year old sitting there 4 times a day saying "Where's my food?" And finding the simple things that keep him happy. For Peter right now, that means being generous in my rotating of toys so there is often something new for him to play with. And if your mom offers, take her up on watching Little Bear, no matter how you feel! Even if you feel like you have energy, take it!

    1. Thank you, Karen! Lots of good ideas. I really wish I could make double of meals and freeze them, but we have such a tiny freezer! Someday when we have our own place, or a rental with a garage, I'm really looking forward to getting a chest freezer for extra storage.