29 June 2014

Answer Me This

Matt and I were talking on the way home from Mass today about how living in Alaska makes it hard for you to live anywhere else, but not just for the reasons you might initially think. There's the natural beauty and ability to get out and do things, of course; the lower taxes; the less restrictive laws on many things. But also, we are comfortable dealing with the threat of large animals, but not with small-but-dangerous ones (snakes, ticks, poisonous bugs and spiders, etc). And we're good at handling cold, but can't take heat: it was probably about 70 F this midday, and we were sweltering. Little Bear was very unhappy in Mass, and I can't even blame him because it was so awfully hot. I do realize that makes me sound like a total wimp, but come January, I'll be happily wearing knee-length skirts to Mass without leggings at -10 F.

(Not that I want it to be January right now. A little cooler would be pleasant, but I'm not ready to lose the sunshine yet!)

No photo for What I Wore Sunday this week since Little Bear was desperate for a nap when we got home, but before I start this week's Answer Me This, I have to show you what we wound up having for dinner for the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart on Friday:

So many delicious peppers! This photo was taken mid-preparation; I unfortunately forgot to put the rest of the peppers and the pepperoni (solemnity=meat on Friday!) under the cheese, so the finished pizza was not as impressive. I'll try to remember to do it in the right order next time!

1. How often do you take public transportation?
Never. When I was in high school taking classes at the university here I rode the city bus to work afterward a couple days a week, but since moving back after college outside I haven't ridden the busses once. They only just recently expanded the bus lines to include the area where we live, and since I try to consolidate my errands to just one or two days so I'm not running to town all the time, I typically have to go to far enough apart places that multiple bus changes and long waits would be involved, and it's just not worth trying to navigate that with an angry toddler right now.

2. How many cousins do you have?
Nine cousins on my dad's side, two cousins (plus two step-cousins... is that a thing?) on my mom's, and two cousins-in-law plus their wives on Matt's side. And I don't really know any of them. I've met most of them, but since I grew up in Alaska and none of the rest of my extended family lives here, we never got to know our cousins growing up.

3. Have you ever fired a gun?
Yes, many times. Purely for target practice; I've gone along bird hunting but never gotten anything, and haven't actually been game hunting. Matt has, though, and is looking forward to the upcoming moose season.

4. Do you ride roller coasters?
No. I have what's called binocular instability, which means that my eyes are constantly trying and re-trying to focus independently instead of working together. It's not a problem most of the time--I just tend to perpetually have a slight headache--but roller coasters are definitely one of the things that I can't visually deal with: they move way too quickly for me to be able to see.

5. What's your favorite flower?
That's hard! I love the appearance and scent of hydrangea and heliotrope, but they don't grow well here. Bleeding hearts and lily of the valley are so pretty and delicate, and do well in partially shady spots. If I could just scatter something in a flower bed and let it run riot, though, I think it'd be columbine in a mix of colors.

6. Are you allergic to anything?
There are a couple of medications I discovered I was allergic to in college, but so far that hasn't really been a problem; there's usually something similar I can take that does the same thing. I'm also allergic to caffeine, though, which can really be frustrating! Coffee, tea, chocolate... I do still have moderate amounts occasionally, especially of chocolate!, but I can always feel it afterward.

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