08 June 2014

WIWS Pentecost & Answer Me This

Blessed Pentecost! Linking up with Kendra at Catholic All Year and the What I Wore Sunday crowd at Fine Linen and Purple on this beautiful feast day.

The secret to Little Bear behaving during Mass today? Sitting next to another toddler who definitely wasn't behaving. I know the common wisdom is that kids will follow the example of the worst-behaved child, but so far, loud and wild kids tend to intimidate Little Bear and his response is to sit still and be quiet. We were so glad to be able to focus on Mass today instead of spending all our energy trying to make him behave! 

There was so much red at Mass today for Pentecost! Someday I'm going to find a pretty red dress, possibly with white polka dots, so that I have something red to wear for days when that's the proper liturgical color. Also because I'd love to have a red dress. But this morning, I was thrilled to realize that I fit into this dress:

My mom brought it back for me when they visited Hawaii last year, but it's been languishing in my closet because it hasn't fit. Now that I've been making it a priority to go to the gym three days a week, and Little Bear is weaning, it fits perfectly! I'm so glad I pulled it out and tried it on.

Dress: Hibiscus Collection Hawaii
Sandals: the same Danskos you see every week :-)

1. Do you have a landline?
Nope. It doesn't make sense to pay for a second phone, when we can just as easily use our cell phones. 

2. What is your least favorite food?
I don't know that I've encountered any food that I will not eat at least some of for the sake of politeness. And if I was given the opportunity to forever ban one particular food from my kitchen, no likely candidate springs to mind. No, wait: baking powder with aluminum. Elevated aluminum consumption has been linked to Alzheimer's development, and Alzheimer's does run in my family. What puts standard baking powders in my "least favorite food" ranking, though, is that I can usually taste the aluminum; for some reason I'm particularly sensitive to that metallic taste, and it ruins many baked goods for me. Fortunately, there's a simple solution: you can make your own baking powder simply by combining 1 part cream of tartar and 2 parts baking soda.

3. What's on your summer reading list?
Right now I'm working on On Marriage and Family Life by St. John Chrysostom. I need to go back and finish Everyday Saints by Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov, and should probably re-read a few chapters of The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. I'm also looking forward to three books meandering their way here from Amazon: Simcha Fisher's The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning, Aidan Nichols' Rome and the Eastern Churches, and Fr. Roderick Vonhögen's Geekpriest: Confessions of a New Media Pioneer. And next time I have book-money, I can't wait to pick up A Crown of Life by Brian Patrick Mitchell.

4. Is there something that people consistently ask for your advice on? What is it?
I have a degree in communications/journalism and experience in public relations and radio, so I tend to get a lot of questions about media, evangelization through media, reaching young people with Church teaching, that sort of thing. Having a solid background in Catholic teaching certainly helps, and I appreciate being able to put my skills to work helping local parishes and organizations.

5. What's the most physically demanding thing you've ever done?
Have a baby, probably. I can't think of anything else I've attempted that compares to unmedicated childbirth, although everyone tells me that Little Bear's birth was absurdly easy and non-painful, which let me tell you is reeeaaally helpful in encouraging me to skip the meds again next time... not.

6. How do you feel about massage?
In the last eight years, the only times I've been completely pain-free for more than 24 hours have been after seeing a massage therapist. After working with a chiropractor for the better part of a year after Little Bear was born, I've pretty much accepted that my back is always going to hurt and I just have to deal with it. Those few times I've been able to have a massage, though, it's been so great to not hurt!

Have a wonderful Pentecost!

Come Holy Ghost, creator blest, and in our hearts take up Thy rest; come with Thy grace and heav'nly aid, to fill the hearts which Thou hast made!


  1. I've had both a long drawn-out labor (2 1/2 days) and a short call-the-midwife-NOW labor (2 hours) both unmedicated. I honestly can't say which one was harder. They were both difficult in their own right. The short one was much more intense and painful because my body changed so quickly, and mentally I didn't have time to process that the baby was being born until after he was born and the nurses were gone. The long one felt like a marathon and by the end I was just exhausted desperate for sleep. So don't necessarily assume you can't do a longer labor unmedicated if that's what you want. (2 1/2 days is unusual anyways)

  2. "everyone tells me that Little Bear's birth was absurdly easy and non-painful"

    Like they would know. Were they inside your body feeling what you were feeling?

    I had a 6-hour labor and had completely forgotten why I ever disliked the idea of an epidural by about the 4.5-hour mark. (I trusted my not-in-labor self enough to stick it out another hour, and then I asked to be checked in the hopes I would have progressed a LOT, and behold, 9 cm! So I did not get an epidural.) My childbirth class instructor told me that shorter labors are more intense and I'm totally not a wimp. She was probably just making that up so I'd feel better, but I'll take it.

  3. Simcha Fischer's book is SO good! I've read it twice already, and am keeping it handy to read whenever I feel discouraged again (so probably like every month :-P). Enjoy!

    Also, you are super cute! Love the dress! And also your haircut. You are fabulous.