20 June 2014

SQTF 93: Exciting times while we wait

"No" is, of course, not my favorite of Little Bear's words, but it made me kind of ridiculously happy the other day when he used it in the right context to give the illusion that we were actually having a conversation:

Me: "Can you please come here so I can put your pants on?"
Little Bear: "No! No pants."

I said something, and someone actually answered me! ...Clearly, I need more adult interaction.

We are all getting healthier, but this nasty cough is hanging on, and I need some advice from seasoned parents: How do you teach little kids to clear their throats? Little Bear's modus operandi for when he needs to clear his throat is to cough until he gags and throws up. While I can't blame him for it, because he doesn't know any other way to deal with it and I don't know how to help him learn, I'm getting so tired of dealing with multiple incidents a day. 

On the questionably positive side, it's yielded such unexpected parenting comments as "There's only a little bit of vomit on our bed; don't bother changing the sheets until morning."

We are reeeaaaally hoping that we're done seeing plumbers for a while; when our super shy child is comfortable enough to watch over the plumber's shoulder, and wave and say "bye-bye" when he leaves, you know it's been an extraordinarily leaky-pipe-filled week. We've had the plumbers here last Thursday, this past Tuesday, yesterday, and today, trying to get to the bottom of a leak the building inspector noticed under the house. Yesterday they pinpointed roughly where it was; today they opened up the wall and ceiling, found the hole, and fixed it. Apparently, when the drywall originally went up, somebody was predrilling holes and put a 5/16" drill bit right into the drain pipe coming down from the upstairs washing machine. How did it take 30 years for someone to notice that?


Little Bear has been loving this hat, handed down from a friend's little boy, this week. He's constantly bringing it to me and asking to wear it, and whenever we go outside, he's sure that he needs his hat and I need my baseball cap, too. It was very convenient yesterday, because it rained all day long and he didn't want to keep his hood up.

"Rained" is kind of a misleading term for yesterday. It misted, it drizzled, it poured, it pelted down like it'd leave dents in the asphalt. But there was never any plain, steady rain. When we went to pick Matt up from work, the rain was coming down hard enough that it hurt when drops hit you! It rained itself out by the time we finished supper, and we took a walk through the neighborhood and let Little Bear splash in all of the puddles. Earlier today it was bright and sunny, but clouds keep coming and going; hopefully we will have a clear, pretty weekend.

We still haven't heard anything following Matt's interview last week; the HR website still lists the position as in the interview process, but they said that they wanted the person they hire to start working at the beginning of July... That's getting pretty close! It's feeling less and less likely that they will offer it to him, but we're still hesitant to go back to looking at apartments here and sign a new lease somewhere until we know... Hopefully we will know something for sure soon.

I don't know that we'll really be able to step back and stop thinking about all of the up-in-the-air things this weekend (job, staying/going, housing), but it should be enjoyable nonetheless—especially if the weather is nice! Tonight we'll be seeing my family, although I've been warned that most of them may disappear shortly after supper because it's the night before the big 10k race and they take their training very seriously. Tomorrow... lots of possibilities. Maybe looking at an apartment or two or three for rent, if I can get that lined up. Maybe having a friend over in the morning. Maybe vespers in the evening. Hopefully it's sunny, because the one thing Saturday that isn't a "maybe" is grilling moose burgers for supper! The 10k Midnight Sun Run starts at 10pm, and it's fun to watch the start, but not this year. Some time when Little Bear is older. Sunday should be less crazy, but the Midnight Sun Festival street fair runs from noon to midnight, and we are definitely hoping to walk around, eat supper there, and maybe catch the Army band or another concert.

Have a good weekend! For more Quick Takes, visit Team Whitaker!

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