26 June 2014


Is it safe yet to say that the problem is fixed, completely fixed? Oh, I hope so!

We left the apartment yesterday before 7 am to be out of the contractors' way. Dropped Matt off early at work, took Little Bear to morning Mass, then spent the day at my family's house. Matt joined us after work for supper and to help my dad and siblings in the shop, and by the time we finally got home at 8 pm, the apartment was quiet and put back together and smelled faintly of spackle.

I called our landlady to check in, see how the day went, find out how early we needed to leave again this morning. "It's done, it's all done!" The water damage from the 7-year leak is completely repaired, along with the two other leaks the carpenter found while he was down there. They didn't have to come back today for anything. All done! 

So we slept in until 6:45 this morning, and after I dropped Matt off at work and fed Little Bear oatmeal, I immediately started laundry; it's been a week since they had to disconnect things! Clothes sorted and in the washer, add the soap, turn the dial... nothing. No water.

The contractor was back an hour later, and pulled the stacked washer/drier out to figure out what wasn't hooked up right. A valve didn't get switched back on, and some seals needed new o-rings. He pushed everything back in place, turned on the washing machine, and it worked! No signs of any leaks anywhere, either. I am so grateful that everything is (hopefully) fixed now!

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