03 June 2014

Picture of a Weekend

(Meant to have this up yesterday, but I only finally got the photos from Matt. Better late than never, right?)

Weekends are always too short! We made pretty good use of this past one, though; lots of fun, and still enough time to unwind and relax. Saturday morning Matt watched Little Bear so that I could go grocery shopping and get my hair cut. 

It hasn't been this short since college, and I love it! Looking in the mirror the first couple of days was a shock, but it's so much lighter, so much more comfortable; I left it just long enough to pull up in a scrub brush of a ponytail, but it's short enough that I can wear it loose and it doesn't get in the way.

Saturday afternoon was super windy: the power kept flickering off and on. We took Little Bear down to the boat launch and discovered that the river is really low right now. The 20'x50' puddle trapped by an exposed gravel bar was perfect for throwing rocks into. Little Bear had so much fun! We probably spent an hour there, him throwing rocks and us skipping them. The gusting wind finally sent us home, and when we got there we saw that half of one of the chokecherry trees in the front yard had blown down!

Little Bear spent the evening playing with his aunts and uncles while Matt and I had a nice, quiet dinner with my parents. We'd wanted to sit on a deck and enjoy the warm weather, but with the strong wind, it's probably for the best that all of the restaurants I checked with weren't seating people on their decks that night.

Sunday we drove out to North Pole for Mass. Little Bear did better with the car rides than we expected, and was very good and quiet before Mass and up through the homily, but then he was all done being good and we spent pretty much the rest of Mass taking turns out in the narthex. Next time we won't get there so early--there's no sense wasting his good behavior just sitting and waiting for Mass to start. Mass was celebrated by Fr. Joseph Mary, CFR, who was visiting Fairbanks before heading down to Anchorage for the Alaska Catholic Youth Conference this week. His homily was so good! We talked about different points from it all the way home, but somehow the only thing I can bring to mind right now is that he talked about the parable of the talents in light of mercy: when the master took the one talent from the servant who hid it instead of using it, rather of giving him more talents like he did the other two servants, it was a merciful act, Father said. If the servant had been given more talents and had wasted those as well, in the end he would have been judged even more harshly because he'd wasted more. If we use the gifts God gives us, He gives us more to use; if we don't use what we're given, He won't keep forcing us to take the gifts, because we would be judged more harshly for having wasted more of God's gifts.

Is grunting while trying to move a heavy object a masculine instinct? I don't know where Little Bear picked it up otherwise, but it was hilarious watching him grunt as he tried to push this massive dredge bucket.

In celebration of June/summer/my finishing my most recent freelance project/Little Bear being good in the car/etc., we stopped for brunch on our way home, and had fun looking at this old mining equipment on our way back to the car. Little Bear was very well-behaved and happy at brunch; he was excited to share my fruit, cheese, and ham. Especially the ham. I've never seen him eat any other meat the way he eats ham.

And Sunday evening, after watching a movie with some friends from work, Matt brought them back to the apartment and we all played cards while Little Bear ran around borrowing "car-dah"s from everyone. It was a perfect, low-key end to a great weekend!

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  1. You are so cute! Love the haircut, and the outfit too! :-)