27 June 2014

SQTF 94: Crock pot fish, Solemnity of the Sacred Heart, maybemovingeventually?

Is everyone else getting tired of hearing that we don't know what's happening? I'm sure getting tired of living with the uncertainty! Still no word on the job in Indiana; it's still listed as "interviewing." Our landlords sign the sale papers and leave the state in 10 days. We've officially given notice that we'll be out of this apartment by the end of July... even though we don't know where we're going. We submitted an application on the upper level of an upstairs/downstairs duplex on Wednesday, and are hoping to hear on that soon. The ad said it was available "July," so hopefully that means the beginning of July and they'll be eager to get new renters in quickly, and that we'll be those renters!

It would be great, if crazy stressful, to find out that we could move in July 1. Great because friends who've offered to help will still be in town then, and because we'll have a houseguest over the Fourth of July weekend and it would be nice to be at least partially moved in before he gets here. Crazy stressful because July is only three days away, and have we started packing anything? Nooooo. We've wanted to wait until we actually had a place lined up to move into, so that we don't spend a couple of weeks living out of boxes, and I have to pack things differently for moving them across town in the back of someone's truck than for moving them across the country in a conex. But at this point I think I'd definitely take living out of boxes over living with the stress of "if they let us rent this place we'll have to pack everything immediately and I don't have any boxes and there's so much stuff..." And we've decided that whichever happens first, housing here or a job there, will be the one we'll go with. So that doesn't exactly help with figuring out which type of moving to pack for, but it's been long enough since his interviews that we aren't really holding onto too much hope for the job anymore...

Enough of the situational stressfulness. Here's what we had for supper Thursday night: 

"Crock pot fish just sounds wrong," according to my husband. And it kind of does, I agree, but we were both pleasantly surprised by how it turned out. (Okay, this is still tangentially related to moving...) Because we're trying to use up the food we have so there's less to move, and are doing a decent job of it, there weren't many choices when I opened the freezer that morning, and I settled on the package of tilapia filets that we had both agreed were awful the first time I made them. But because I was foolish and got a family-sized package, we had to have them at least once more. Fortunately, we were saved by this book:

which one of my mother's friends recently handed on to me. In what had to be a case of divine providence, the only page with a turned-down corner in the whole book was for Halibut in Creamy Wine Sauce.

I subbed tilapia for the halibut, broth for the wine, and it was wonderful. Next time I'll try it with the wine; I used broth because I didn't think the alcohol would cook off as much since it would be covered through the whole cooking time and Little Bear would be eating it, but he really only ate carrots and broccoli so it didn't matter anyway.

Happy (belated) solemnity of the Sacred Heart (yesterday) and Immaculate Heart of Mary (today)! Forgive my scatterbrainedness; I should have started off with this. Little Bear took a ridiculously early nap yesterday, so we were able to make it to noon Mass. And because it's a solemnity (i.e. a really big deal), there was no Friday abstinence yesterday. We're supposed to feast and celebrate the day! Matt kept reminding me of that all week as I kept talking about making soup for supper.  Catholic Cuisine has a lot of neat ideas for yesterday and today, mostly for desserts.

In just a week, Little Bear will be two years old. That's incredible! How has it been that long? Matt and I were talking the other night about how the past few years seem to have gone so quickly, and yet individual days can feel so very long. Individual half hours, even, like this morning when I was trying to talk on the phone and Little Bear was sticking spoons in the coffee grinder and trying to drink from the jam jar. Sometimes I can look at this stage and call him "curious" and "inventive," but more often it seems like it's "child, you make me crazy!" 

We are planning to spend his birthday at the lake with my family, in a tent outside their cabin if it isn't raining. I'm sure we'll all have fun, and I hope the trip winds up being a needed break from stress for Matt and me. We're waiting to actually celebrate his birthday until after we get settled into a new place, so Little Bear gets to have two birthdays this year! (But he'll still just be 2. I have to clarify that for any of my siblings reading this who would otherwise try to convince our gullible youngest sister that Little Bear is turning 3 and catching up to her!)

I've seen all of my siblings do it, and probably most of the other little kids I've known, but somehow I assumed that sticking your arms out behind you and running around making airplane-type noises was something little kids learned to do by watching older kids do it. Apparently not, because Little Bear has never seen anyone do it, but yesterday evening, totally out of the blue, he started running as fast as he could back and forth between the kitchen and living room, arms outstretched, yelling "Aaaahhh!" with a huge grin on his face. The grin turned to giggles, then laughing so hard he couldn't stand upright, when Matt started copying him. The two of them laughing together is pretty much my favorite sound in the world.

Can't think of anything else, so I'm just going to end with this wholly irrelevant photo of my middle sister mowing the lawn. Isn't she pretty? Somehow she manages to look graceful even while she's doing yard work.

Have a good weekend! Visit Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes.

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