04 August 2013

What I Wore Sunday {25}

Joining everyone for WIWS at Fine Linen and Purple this afternoon! Oh, and today is the last day of Jen's 7 posts in 7 days challenge; what a week it's been.

Planning today's schedule was complicated, and like most things that you try to plan around kids, it didn't really work. Our parish's annual "pignic" (pig roast + picnic) is this afternoon at 2, so we had to find a Mass that A) would let Little Bear get a nap and B) was at a parish we are comfortable attending. B automatically limited us to two, ours and the university parish; our parish is far enough away that driving there twice in one day (going home for his nap) is just too expensive, so we wound up at the university. On paper, it looked perfect: sleep in, 10:30 Mass, home for his nap, 2:00 pignic. 

But then he decided that we weren't sleeping in. And despite being sooooo sleeeeepy that he couldn't sit up nicely during Mass, he continued resisting a nap until 12:30. Best-laid plans, and all that. I guess we will be playing the pignic by ear.

Mass went well, though, and I really can't complain about his behavior; I took him to the back to nurse when he started getting loud during the homily, but we were back with Daddy by the offertory and aside from some soft whining and squirming, he behaved himself for the rest of Mass. Father Sean's homily was great, what I heard before taking Little Bear out, and he had a perfect present-day example of a child talking to his father to relate to the first reading.

Having a longer morning at home than usual was nice, too; I managed to make a fruit salad for the pignic. I call this "what do I have in the fridge? salad with blueberry-poppyseed dressing":

Watermelon and kiwi and bananas, oh my.

So, the outfit.

T-Shirt: thrifted
Eyelet skirt: gift from my mom (thrifted)
Sandals: Payless
Scarf: thrifted

 My mom found this skirt for me at the thrift store several weeks ago and I loved it immediately, but I hadn't worn it yet because I had no idea what to pair it with and was afraid of the wide flouncy-ness... I've put enough work into trying to lose baby weight, I don't even want to look at anything that will make me look bigger than I am! I know that everyone is wearing them these days and that they look good on everyone I've ever seen them on, but it's still so hard to try any new style because I still see myself as overweight and squishy postpartum. But as I was laying in bed this morning trying to decide on a Mass outfit, thinking about this skirt and wishing I was brave enough to try it, I remembered  Sarah's post about skinny jeans the other day. Was I just prejudiced against this style because I "know" it's going to look bad, without even trying it? Yes, yes I was.

So here it is. I quickly scrolled through Pinterest to see how other women style this shape of skirt, and I think I was actually happy with the results! Hopefully I've learned my lesson about fashion prejudice: If there's a style I like on other people, I can't just say, "That's so cute, but I could never pull it off," unless I've actually tried. That's why they have dressing rooms! Trying it on gives me a 50/50 chance of being pleasantly surprised, but just wishing guarantees I'll never wear it.


  1. I love the color of your top. It's a fabulous shade of blue. I really also love the head scarf as well. A great addition.

  2. You look really good, Rose! :-)