27 August 2013

Sniffles and Haircuts

Because it totally makes sense to take advantage of the child being fussy anyway to do the thing that makes him scream more than anything else. Right?

Such a cold this is! Matt has had to miss work two days now, as we all slog through this morass of sinus congestion and coughing and chest congestion and sore throats and misery. He finally started to feel better this afternoon, and since his office is crazy busy with the start of the new semester this week, he says that as long as he feels at least this well tomorrow morning he'll be back to work. Little Bear, who got this crazy cold first, has been doing better since yesterday but still has some lingering sniffles and occasionally coughs. I'm still in the thick of it, but it's encouraging to see the two of them getting better.

This morning, because we've been talking about it for weeks, and because he was whining anyway, and because the hair really was getting tangled up in his eyelashes, we sat Little Bear down and I cut his hair. He cried and cried, and I felt so badly for him, but it's important... Doing what's best for a child when they are just miserable about it sure is an unpleasant part of parenthood, though. 

There are a few long spots yet; I'll have to go back with a pair of scissors at some point while Matt distracts him. We put Bob the Builder on for him while I used the clippers and Matt held him, but it was only so helpful, and I had to finish quickly instead of going over to check one last time. Also, it was in German, because YouTube doesn't have full episodes in English. Oh well; it's not like he noticed.

While the clippers were out I cut Matt's hair too. I think this is my fourth time doing his? It's so nice that I can cut his hair at home; it grows quickly and gets wild and curly, so he used to have to go in to have it cut every month or so. I was surprised by how easy it is to do a simple haircut with the clippers, and the set had more than paid for itself by the time I'd used it twice!

Bedtime. Seriously, the worse thing about nursing is that I can't take DayQuil to relieve my symptoms... hopefully sleep will help.


  1. He doesn't look quite as much like Matt with his hair short. I liked it curly though

    1. With both of their curls gone, it really seems to emphasize how they have the same square/rectangular face shape... but Matt does still have the beard, of course. I've actually been surprised several times since the haircut to look at the little monster when he's laughing and seen something of Dan in his face.

    2. I was thinking that, but couldn't exactly place the feature that reminded me of Danny. Maybe the rosy cheeks :-)

  2. I cut John's hair every 6 weeks, and it's not quite as unruly as Matt's hair is. Although around 10 weeks it starts to get a little curl at the edges...