11 August 2013

What I Wore Sunday {26}

Joining up as usual with a bevy of beauties over at Fine Linen and Purple this afternoon!

This has been a crazy Sunday --weekend, really-- in the sleep department. Little Bear had an okay night Friday, but we had to wake him up earlier than he wanted to get up, and then he only napped 40 minutes total Saturday. We went to bed early last night and he slept 11 hours, which is more than usual, but he still woke up earlier than usual... which left him tired and cranky halfway through Mass. He was pretty well behaved for being an exhausted, teething toddler, and fell asleep in the car on the way home, but that nap only lasted a half hour; here's hoping he can get a several-hour stretch this afternoon to put us back on schedule!

I didn't catch much of the homily today because I was walking with Little Bear, but I did like the beginning: When we look at life as an adventure, we prepare for what is ahead but are still surprised by each minute of it. I'm not sure what that had to do with the bits of exposition I later caught on Spielberg's Pacific, but maybe Matt can explain later. It was a good thought, nonetheless; as in today's Gospel reading, we're supposed to be preparing for the future, but we never know exactly what or when the things we're preparing for will happen.

The outfit:

Coral blazer: thrifted (Forever 21)
Cream tee: thrifted
Pink paisley skirt: thrifted
Wedge sandals: Fred Meyers
I'm so glad we are starting to get cool mornings again, so that I could try this outfit! I found the skirt and blazer during the same thrift store run, and I really like them together. The blazer is lightly lined, though, so no way was I wearing it in summer temperatures! This morning we woke up to 48 degrees Fahrenheit, though, which was perfect. I'm not usually one for this much pink, but it was just too fun to pass up.


  1. A good structured blazer is such a good purchase.

  2. You look so good in coral! I really like your blazer. it was in the 50's here (wisconsin) this morning. I'll be sad to see warmer temps go, but I admit to really liking these cooler nights!

  3. You look great! What a cute outfit!