25 August 2013

What I Wore Sunday {28}

Joining up with Fine Linen and Purple as usual.

Today everyone here is sick; Matt and Little Bear didn't even make it to Mass with me this morning, and I went downhill fast this afternoon. It's so much harder having everyone sick when there's a little one... If it was just the two of us, we could deal with it, but he doesn't understand why he feels so awful and just cries and cries, which only makes his throat hurt worse...

But, since I did make it to Mass, I at least have a little bit of something for you before I fall asleep. I went to the university parish today so that I could be home faster, and I am so glad I wound up there! Such a good homily: the priest began by explaining that the word "strive" in today's Gospel is translated from the Greek "agonizomai," a cognate of "agonize." Christ wasn't just saying "try;" He was telling us to put every ounce of effort into entering by the narrow gate! Father went on to remind us that we aren't striving when we are making excuses and trying to rationalize our way out of doing what we are supposed to do: You say, The winters here are so long and cold, I deserve a pass to get out and have fun in the summer without having to make it to Mass every Sunday, right? No! If you don't like living here, move to Seattle or California or somewhere and go to Mass every Sunday! Thank you, Father!

And today's outfit:

Funny angle and hidden shoes courtesy of this being the only shot taken since Little Bear was fussing...

Chambray dress & jacket: thrifted or a hand-me-down from back in highschool; it hasn't fit since sometime in college! So glad I pulled it out to try since I was leaving Little Bear with Matt and didn't have to wear something nursing-friendly
Brown wedges: Sarah-Jayne; garage sale yesterday

Have a lovely week!