06 August 2013

What Day Is It?

Wow. I feel like I lost a week there... First thing Thursday morning a massive ocular migraine hit, and I'm still feeling it a little bit today. It started with wavy lines of light blocking my vision, and was shortly followed by the most painful headache I've ever had -- I'd heard people talk about something being "painful enough to make you throw up," but I'd always thought it was just a figure of speech. It's definitely not. I spent the day laying in a dark room with my eyes closed, while my mom and siblings, bless them, took care of Little Bear. Looking at screens or other lights for any length of time is still triggering headaches, so this won't be much of a post, but I'm so much better than I was and it's been a week since I last posted...

...and today's our anniversary. Thank you for two wonderful years, Matt! I'm theoretically cleaning the grill this afternoon so that we can throw on some steaks and zucchini, and maybe if we're feeling fancy we will pick up a bottle of wine after Matt gets off work. We aren't very good at making a big deal out of things over here, but that's the way we both like it.

[I would put a photo of the two of us here, but I don't have any... We're also bad at taking photos, apparently.]

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