18 August 2013

What I Wore Sunday {27}

...the "my sisters are so talented" edition. Linking up with Fine Linen and Purple for WIWS!

Our planned camping trip didn't exactly happen the way we intended, which is another post (hopefully tomorrow), but we were back in town for Mass today instead of visiting a different parish. After driving so many miles over the two previous days, though, we just couldn't subject Little Bear/ourselves to a half hour drive to Mass this morning, plus we woke up early (okay, I woke up early and woke everyone else), plus my brother goes back to college this evening... So we wound up at early Mass at my parents' parish. They don't usually have many little kids there so we went directly to the cry room, which I hate doing but goodness, I'm glad we were in there today when Little Bear melted down. Tired from traveling + teething + whatever else... the little girl behind us showing him books and then grabbing them away when he said "book" and reached for them didn't help... It was difficult to concentrate today. Their pastor's homily was quite good, and I recall appreciating how clear he was about doing right in the face of persecution, but I'm afraid I can't remember much at this point.

We joined my family for brunch after Mass: biscuits and gravy, cantaloupe, and apple kuchen. Matt, my father, and my brother sat in the living room talking about guns as we prepared food and the younger kids played with Little Bear, and afterward we looked through the classifieds for house listings that we liked and were in our price range. Why do those criteria so rarely overlap? It was nice to hear what others thought about different places, though. The kids taught Little Bear about stirring today: stirring the biscuit dough with a wooden spoon, stirring the dog's water bucket with a stick... He had great fun, and I am never going to get anything done in the kitchen ever again.

My sister Mel agreed to join me for WIWS today! She always looks so classy...

The outfits:
Pink corduroy jacket: Motherhood Maternity, thrifted
Purple tee: thrifted
Brown microsuede skirt: Sears
Wedge sandals: Fred Meyers
Earrings: made by my sister Kim

Polka-dotted dress: she made it herself! Is she amazing or what?
Belt: thrifted
Slingback sandals: I forgot to ask...

I am always so amazed by my sisters' ability to make beautiful things; even on top of working full time and walking the neighbors' dogs and helping the family when she's at home, Mel's managed to sew this dress and three skirts (at least!) this summer, and they all fit her lovely, classic style perfectly. And Kim... I wish I had a better photo of these earrings to show you, but one morning while she was in town for a visit we were sitting and talking for less than an hour, and she pulled out our old bin of jewelry-making supplies and made me two pairs of earrings during our conversation! They clearly got all of the genes for that sort of talent in the family -- I haven't used a sewing machine for anything other than hemming in years, and I am completely uninspired when it comes to beads. I'm just glad I'm related to them, so that I can enjoy the fruits of their skills. ;-)

Have a lovely week!

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