19 June 2013

Breakfast of Champions

Champion whats? No idea.

Now I have always been a die-hard "vanilla is the best ice cream ever" girl, but last night, we discovered Kroger's Deluxe Triple Brownie. 

Oh my word. 

Vanilla, you have been replaced.

Ripples of fudge and chewy chunks of brownie swirl through chocolate ice cream... But not chocolate chocolate ice cream: it's not too heavy, not too densely chocolate. A very pastel brown, a light milk chocolate flavor. This is amazing and delicious and the best possible antidote to a humid 93-degree day in a city without air conditioning. Because honestly, what else can you eat in such miserable temperatures?

In related news, nothing is getting turned on in our apartment today as I attempt to ruthlessly cut out even the smallest heat emissions: no lights, no appliances, nothing. I will throw some sausages on the grill for dinner, but I'm not sure what we will eat with them because I'm not boiling water in my kitchen for rice or pasta, and I'm definitely not firing up the oven for bread or potatoes! 


  1. I like to turn on my crock pot for suppers in the heat. If you know about the heat ahead of time, you can make some rice and just heat it up on the day of.

  2. you can also stick the crock pot outside and let it cook in the heat all day. Mrs. Eger did that with a turkey once.